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The Amero Kingdom is a hilly, pine woodland inhabitet by humans, inspired by the medieval epoch. The west part of the country is mostly farmlands and the east part is military infrastructure and fortresses. The king of this country resides in the King's Terrace, that is located in the east part as well.

Events are integrated part of the Amero Kingdom.

World Overview Edit

  • Locations: 20
  • Total difficulty range: 1-400
  • Total number of levels: 660
  • Chests: 4 Blue Chests
  • Challenges: 2
  • Time Portals: x1, x2
  • Item Dump
  • Ancient Portal (prior to and during events)
Zombidle map

Locations Edit

Exactly half of every normal location must be destroyed to unlock connected locations.

Name Difficulty Range Unlocked by
Lakeside Farmlands 1-20 Starting location
New Farmshire 21-40
West Woodlands 41-60
Western Garrison 51-70
West Lumberdale 61-80
Northern Walk 81-100
??? - Rock Golem (Blue Chest) 101 Complete all of the following locations:
  • Lakeside Farmlands
  • New Farmshire
  • West Woodlands
  • Western Garrison
Time Portal (x1) Complete difficulty in one of the following:
  • 60 in Western Garrison
  • 90 in Northern Walk
Hightower Pass 101-120
South Lumberdale 121-140
Challenge I (A selfPhone) 151-165 Complete difficulty 130 in South Lumberdale
Vantage Point 141-170
Summer Road 171-200
Hightower Keep 181-210
??? - Steam Golem (Blue Chest) 201 Complete all of the following locations:
  • South Lumberdale
  • Vantage Point
  • Summer Road
Time Portal (x2) Complete difficulty 195 in Hightower Keep
Salty Fort 201-240
Challenge II (A Frantic Frigate) 251-265 Complete difficulty 220 in Salty Fort
Pikeshire 211-260
Summer Court 251-280
??? - Dragon (Blue Chest) 276 Complete all of the following locations:
  • Hightower Keep
  • Salty Fort
  • Pikeshire
Old Middleshire 261-300
High Northvale 271-300
North Lumberdale 281-300
??? - Griffin (Blue Chest) 401 Complete all of the following locations:
  • Summer Court
  • Old Middleshire
  • High Northvale
  • North Lumberdale
Crystalkeep 281-340
Highdale Towerkeep Fort 301-350
King's Terrace 301-400
The King (StarStar Blue Chest) 408-425 Complete difficulty 350 in King's Terrace

Challenges Edit

Map King

The challenges can be completed only once and the challenge items can be acquired only once. Every challenge item is unique. If you missed any Event Challenge then you can afford the missed items in the Item Dump.

The Challenges have been added to the game on 18th May 2016 as a part of the World Domination update.

Symbol Name Level Range Reward
Map Challange Challenge I 151-165
A SelfPhone
A SelfPhone
Allows you to see your stats and take screenshots
Map Challange Challenge II 251-265
Frantic Frigate
Frantic Frigate
Gives access to the Worldmap
and World 2 (Malgar Realm)
and World 3 (Talar Country)

Events Edit

Main article: Events

Events are special feature of the Amero Kingdom. Players can obtain unique items by completing a special challanges during those events.

Symbol Name Time Access Rewards
Map Challange Eastern Easter Event 22th March 2016
3rd April 2016
Integrated into the Amero Kingdom's map
  • Bully Bunny's head
  • Bully Bunny's carrot
  • Bully Bunny's foot
Halloween Challenge Halloween Event 13th October
25th November 2016.
Halloween Portal
Ancient Portal
  • A Witch's Shoes
  • A Haunted Potato
  • An Evil Candle
  • Another Witch's Shoes
  • A Sexy Potato
  • Evil Lipstick
Thanksgiving Challange Thanksgiving Event 25th November 2016
8th December 2016
Integrated into the Amero Kingdom's map
  • A Greed Shard
Xmas Challenge Christmas Event 10th December 2016
19th January 2017
Xmas Portal
Ancient Portal
  • Evil Candy Cane
  • Snowball of Doom
  • Xmas Eye
  • Xmas Berries
  • Lemon fl. Magic Snow
  • Steve The Star
  • Xmas Bottle
  • Xmas Coal
  • Xmas Metal Bar
  • Xmas Bow

Houses Edit

The architecture of Amero Kingdom is a is inspired by the medieval epoch of central Europe.

Farmer Houses Amero Kingdom Houses1
Wooden Cottages Amero Kingdom Houses2
Timber-framed Houses Amero Kingdom Houses3
Timber-framed Churches Amero Kingdom Houses4
Castles Amero Kingdom Houses5

 Enemies Edit

Human Unions Edit

The people of the Amero Kingdom, full of resentment caused by the Bob's destructive actions, have formed the Human Unions and stood against Bob to stop him and his army from Hell. They are always accompanied by the helpful wizard.

There are three different types of Soldiers:

  • Swordsman
  • Spearman
  • Flagbearer
Amero Kingdom Army1 Amero Kingdom Army2 Amero Kingdom Army3 Amero Kingdom Army4 Amero Kingdom Army5
Amero Kingdom Army6 Amero Kingdom Army7 Amero Kingdom Army8 Amero Kingdom Army9 Amero Kingdom Army10

Bosses Edit

Name Image Function Description
The Wizard Boss Wizard Guards each boss stage He is always guarding and after timer runs out, he heals the boss. Wizard can be killed after time warpping once the entire kingdom has been destroyed.
Stone Golem Boss StoneGolem Guards blue chest. Golem made from stone by humans.
Steam Golem Boss SteamGolem Guards blue chest Golem made from metal by humans.
Dragon Boss Dragon Guards blue chest Red dragon tamed by humans
Griffin Griffin Guards blue chest Wingless griffin tamed by humans.
The King King Amero Kingdom Final boss of the Amero Kingdom The king and the ruler of Amero Kingdom, human giant. Loves gold.

Item Dump Edit

Main article: Item Dump

Map Item dump

The Item Dump is a shop, where all items coming from events' challages a player has missed are stored. All items are paid with Diamond Diamonds.

To gain access to the Item Dump, at least level 70 in the West Lumberdale must be completed.


  • During events a special Ancient Portal can be found at the very beginning of this kingdom. This portal allows players to travel to the Events' Worlds.
  • The Amero Kingdom is the only kingdom, in which in order to encounter Chest Keepers, one must complete locations.

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