Angelic Halo is an item that multiplies orb drop by 1.15. It was only available in the Nemesis Beta, obtainable from Divine Chests. This item was permanently removed from all players' inventories at the end of Beta.

Description Edit

Angelic Halo is a white glowing ring. It is glowing in the dark!

Angelic Halo is an item that increases white orb drop and is similar in effect to Orb Shard and Orb Splinter. Each time you defeat The Angel, two chests are dropped, one of which contains the Angelic Halo.

Other means of increasing orb drops are Chaos crest Chaos Crests, Chaos gem Chaos Gems and other unique items, Orb Shards and Death Medals.

Angelic Halo is a divine item, hence it has no other rarity or star rating.

Acquisition Edit

Angelic Halo can be found in Divine Chest that is dropped by The Angel.