BerzerkEJ is the short Version of Berzerk Studio and his name Etienne Jean.

Once upon a time, a mighty god combined a violent volcanic eruption, thunderous lightning, a world ending tsunami and the spirit of all the most dangerous animals that ever existed. He then imbued the result into the strongest boy he could find. The brown haired child grew up to be the fiercest man in history, every men wanted to be him, and so did most of the women.

That's unfortunately not Etienne, but if you ask REALLY nicely, I'm sure he can draw something just as cool for you.

About Edit

Etienne Jean is the head art designer of Zombidle. Most of the art, which is used in Zombilde has been made by him.

He is a part of the Berzerk Podcast team and has also major influence on the development of Zombidle.

Streaming Edit

Etienne streams occasionally, typically when there is work to be done, you can find his Twitch stream here:

Trivia Edit

  • On 11th May 2017 did his first ever stream.
  • BerzerkEJ (BerzerkEtienne) has 34 followers on the Twitter.