The Bezerk Podcasts are broadcasted live on Twitch since the 11th Semptember 2016. The record of the podcasts can be watched at YouTube and Twitch afterwards. Both sides are maintained by LachhhAndFriends by Lachhh.

At the podcast the developers are talking about Zombidle's update: what's up, what's new and what's next. Viewer can get for upcoming.

Viewers of the podcast also get 10 Bloodstones since the "Berzerk Podcast Ep10!" in they click on "Watch Podcast" at the menu.

Where to find? Edit

  • The playlist on Youtube of all podcast can be found here
  • All videos of LachhhAndFriends on Twitch can be found here.
  • The podcast can be watched live here.

Overview Edit

Link Date Game Version Main Topic
Berzerk Podcast Ep1! 16th September 2016 v1.03.016 Meet the team behind Zombidle
  • Introduction of the main developers
  • First plan for cross platform
  • Multi-forge
  • First plan to make all minions more attractive to use
Berzerk Podcast Ep2! 27th September 2016 v1.03.016 Plans for Halloween Event
  • Introducing the Costume Contest (Halloween)
  • Introduction of new event System
  • Reading comments on Reddit
  • First plans of multi-crafting and the cookbook
Berzerk Podcast Ep3! 14th October 2016 v1.03.018 Talking about Halloween Event
  • Talk about the costumes
  • Introduction of new Give-Away-System
  • Origin of zombidle
Berzerk Podcast Ep4! 28th October 2016 v1.03.020 Halloween Special of the Berzerk Studio
Berzerk Podcast Ep5! 11th November 2016 v1.03.021 Talking about world 4 and world 5
  • Plans for upcoming events
  • Idea for rewards for stream
Berzerk Podcast Ep6! 25th November 2016 v1.03.022 Foreshadowing of Christmas event
Berzerk Podcast Ep7! 9th December 2016 v1.03.023 Christmas event
Berzerk Podcast Ep8! 23rd December 2016 v1.03.024 Christmas Event Part II
  •  ???
Berzerk Podcast Ep9! 21st January 2017 v1.03.025 Welcome to 2017
  • New Mechanic: Multiforge
  • First mention of Valentine's Day and Anniversary
  • Concept for friendsystem for multiplayer
  • Plans for a tower made of rubbish to reach heaven
Berzerk Podcast Ep10! 3rd February 2017 v1.03.026 Plans for 2017
  • First spoiler for collaboration
  • First visual for "cookbook"
  • Spoiler for Valentines Day loading screen
  • Reading comments of Reddit
  • Showing stuff from the beginning of Lachhh
Berzerk Podcast Ep11! 10th February 2017 v1.03.027 Visuals
Berzerk Podcast Ep12! 24th Feruary 2017 v1.03.028 Communication of the devs
  • First visual of the hotter mail
  • Fanart
  • Second time Berzerks on Wikia
  • Descision to upload Zombidle on Steam
Berzerk Podcast Ep13! 10th March 2017 v1.03.029 First Anniversary Event
  • Part 2 of the "First Year Anniversary" Event
  • New Spectre Genie Codes
  • Introduction of Steam Version
  • Plan for a boss every 50 Level
Berzerk Podcast Ep14! 25th March 2017 v1.03.029 Characteristicness in Zombidle
  • New event level system
  • New default screen
  • More personality to every character
Berzerk Podcast Ep15! 7th April 2017 v1.03.032 Game Mechanic for Eastern
  • Big-Bug-Fix
  • Get crossplattform beta-tester (expired)
  • Idea of a ghost compressor "Nightmare fuel"
  • Cross-over with other indie game studios
Berzerk Podcast Ep16! 21th April 2017 v1.03.034 Day off at Burritos
  • New mechanic (Scalling map spots)
  • (maybe) second part of the Burrito Event
  • Upcomming plans for new hell buildings (again)
  • Spoiler for inhabitants World 6 & 7
Berzerk Podcast Ep17! 5th May 2017 v1.03.035 Meet the Juicy Beast
  • A very special guest (Yowan)
  • new hell building (Choas Resort)
  • The biggest misstake of Juicy Beast
  • Indie game developement stories
Berzerk Podcast Ep18! 19th May 2017 v1.03.036 Crossplattform release
  • Steam Version is coming soon
  • Unlock all challanges
  • Concept for reforging forged items
  • Concept for merchandising shirts
Berzerk Podcast Ep19! 2nd June 2017 v1.03.036 Launching assistant for new players

Other Video Special Edit

Link Date Game Version Main Topic
First Mention of Zombidle 18th June 2015 v0.61.000 First View of Zombidle
  • Fixing major Bugs
Zombilde Trailer 10th February 2016 v0.92.005 Introduction of Zombidle
Game Mechanics 12th December 2015 v0.91.000 How DPS is working
1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY 9th March 2017 v1.03.029 Upload of the First Anniversary Event
  • Introducing of the Hotter Mail System
  • Showing Fanart
  • Introduction of Steam Version

Trivia Edit

  • "Berzerk Podcast Ep13" was the most visited stream of "Lachhh And Friends" of all time. Over 300 people were watching it all the time.