Trying to calculate the next (best) step for collecting and forgeing.

    Everytime you open a chest or have an open slot in the forge you have to make a decision which item you choose or forge. I try to calculate that. I don't try to find the world formula, just formulas about improvement, without taken the full picture of Death medals, number of orbs, Carls and so on into account.

    One example: If you have 12 Piggy Bank of Doom, and get one more, then that would be an improvement of 8.3% to the starting_skull-metric. (as long as you don't have the Doom Safe and the Sack of Skulls. With them the formula will be more complex. See below.)

    The goal is to compare the current metrics to those when one item is added or forged (in that case also taking …

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  • Thefado96

    Since I started playing Zombidle, I've always though time warping wasn't that great because I would have lost all my progess just to reapair my broken orbs. Looking around the wiki I discovered that time warping is almost an essential mechanic of the game.

    Still, I refused to time warp. I was still convinced that time warping wasn't covenient. To clear my doubts I've asked KojakTSL in one of his streams if finishing the game without time warps is even possible. He said that it would take an incredible amount of time, so much time it wouldn't be possible.

    And then, completing the game without time warping became a challenge against myself. How long could I go on without time warping? That's what I was trying to find out.

    I wanted to finish the…

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