Bloodstones are new currency introduced in v1.03.020 that make it possible to skip ads and immediately receive the Devil Deals' rewards.

Acquisition Edit

Every player starts with 5 bloodstones and is awarded 5 bloodstones each time for each 50 completed difficulties.

There are also 3 other ways to earn bloodstones:

  • Purchasing a Diamond pack.
  • Clicking the notification to watch the bi-weekly Friday Berzerk Podcast (notification in-game).
  • Using codes provided by the Developers.

Notes Edit

According to the developers, the bloodstones will replace ads in the game. There will be more ways to earn bloodstones, not only by spending real money.


  • In giveaway menu that developers use to give items like Bloodstone to watchers who play Zombidle is shaped with point top and refers as Bloody Avacado.

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