Small armies Edit

Every 5 difficulties a group of inhabitants of a kingdom protected by their wizard will step forth to oppose Bob and his zombies. After total defeat, they will drop Skull Skulls in a bigger quantity than usual enemies. Uncommon wizards will carry White Orb White Orbs with themselves which will be turned into Orb broken Broken Orbs. Common wizards carry no orbs.

Chest Keepers Edit

Chest keepers are strong Bosses with significantly more health than other enemies at the same difficulty. They also have their own location on the map. The time of the fight is limited to 30 seconds, however it can be extended by collecting Magic Ring Magic Rings.

Chest Keepers can only be defeated once per timeline. In order to defeat them again and receive another chest, a Time Portal must be used to reset the game.

Amero Kingdom
Name Image Level Health Points Reward
Stone Golem Boss StoneGolem 101 10.000M Blue Chest
Steam Golem Boss SteamGolem 201 100.000M Blue Chest
Dragon Boss Dragon 276 253.927Q Blue Chest
Griffin Griffin 326 177.808Q2 Blue Chest
Malgar Realm
Name Image Level Health Points Reward
Cat Warrior Boss CatWarrior 426 88.000S2 Blue Chest
Green Dragon Green Dragon 476 61.000O Blue Chest
Mercenary Knight Boss MercenaryKnight 701 807.159U Blue Chest
Talar Country
Name Image Level Health Points Reward
Bunny Warrior Boss Bunny Warrior 601 3.973D Blue Chest
Giant Lizard Boss Giant Lizard 701 807.159U Blue Chest
Lion Guardian Lion Guardian 751 3.638e41 Blue Chest
Western Swamps
Name Image Level Health Points Reward
The Minotaur Boss Minotaur 951 1.502e52 Blue Chest
The Ogre Boss TheOgre 1201 2.794e65 Blue Chest
The Tree Boss TheTree 1701 9.669e91 Blue Chest
Death Volcano
Name Image Level Health Points Reward
The Evilcorn Boss Evilcorn 1751 4.358e94 Blue Chest
Lava Golem Boss Lava Golem 2501 2.806e134 Blue Chest
Black Knight Boss Black Knight 2751 5.221e147 Blue Chest

Challenges Edit

Challenge Bosses can only be defeated once. A Time Portal has no effect.

Amero Kingdom
Name Image Level Health Points Reward
Map Lumberjack
The Lumberjack
Boss Lumberjack 25 1,323 Fire Axe of Fire
Map Thief
The Thief
Boss Thief 50 35,011 Sack of Skulls

Kingdom Bosses Edit

The Kingdom boss is the strongest enemy in a Kingdom. You will encounter him at the very end of each kingdom and is heavily guarded. Upon entering the battle, the player must first defeat 25 waves of guards before facing the him. A Unique Chest Golden Chest containing a crown will be dropped only after defeating a king for the first time. Any subsequent victories will yield only a Blue Chest Blue Chest.

Magic Rings have have no effect during these battles. The player will always have exactly 2 minutes to fight the boss and his guards.

Kingdom King Level Health Points Reward
Map King
Amero Kingdom
King Amero Kingdom
The King
406-425 76,477S2 Blue Chest
Map King2
Malgar Realm
King Malgar Realm
The King
606-625 74.644D Blue Chest
Map King3
Talar Country
King Talar Country
The King
1006-1025 1.272e56 Blue Chest
Map King4
Western Swamps
King Western Swaps
The King
2006-2025 8.922e109 Blue Chest
Map King5
Death Vulcano
King Death Vulcano
The King
3006-3025 1.825e162 Blue Chest

Recon Site
King Recon Site
The Kingtoid
4006-4025 2.186e215 Blue Chest

Queen Burbtopia
The Queen
5006-5025 ? Blue Chest

Black Wizards Edit

To encounter the Wizard, the player has to first destroy the whole Kingdom and defeat the king's guard and the King. After defeating the King, the player may encounter the wizard by using the second time portal of that map to reset the game. Beating a black wizard is the only way to acquire a Black Orb Black Orb. Unlike most other bosses, the player only has 5 seconds instead of 30 to defeat a wizard, which can be extended via items.

Wizards can only be defeated once. Wizards change to Ghost Wizards and they can't be encountered anymore after they were defeated.

Wizard Kingdom Level Health Points Reward
Boss Wizard
The Wizard
Amero Kingdom 451 2.2O Black Orb Black Orb
Boss Wizard2
The Wizard
Malgar Realm 651 1.79 U Black Orb Black Orb
Boss Wizard3
The Wizard
Talar Country 1051 3.05e57 Black Orb Black Orb
Boss Wizard4
The Wizard
Western Swamps 2051 3.405e110 Black Orb Black Orb
Boss Wizard5
The Wizard
Death Vulcano 3051 4.378e163 Black Orb Black Orb
Boss Wizard6
The Wizard
Recon Site 4051 ? Black Orb Black Orb
Boss Wizard7
The Wizard
Burbtopia 5051 ? Black Orb Black Orb

Nemesis Edit

This boss is accessable via world map. The boss is dynamic, everytime you beat him he will get stronger after time reset.

Image Location Level Health Points Reward
The Angel
The Angel
World Map 501* 19.556 O* Unique Chest

*Base numbers before first defeat.

Event Bosses Edit

On special occasions there are events which feature unique challenges, unique bosses and often unique items. Each boss is themed specifically to their holiday. Each challenge is only available for time of the event.

If you failed to clear a challenge which was a part of an event before that event ended, you may buy the missed items in the Item Dump.

Kingdom Name Minions Reward
(first Update)
(second Update)
Easter Event
Map Challange Easter
Amero Kingdom
Easter Boss
Bully Bunny
Easter House
Easter Houses
Bully Bunny's head Bully Bunny's Head
Bully Bunny's carrot Bully Bunny's Carrot
Bully Bunny's foot Bully Bunny's Foot
Halloween Event
Halloween Challenge
Halloween Realm
Halloween Pumpkin Warrior3
Halloween Pumpkin Warrior1Halloween Pumpkin Warrior2
Pumpkin Guards
A Witch's Shoes A Witch's Shoes
A Haunted Potato A Haunted Potato
An Evil Candle An Evil Candle
Another Witch's Shoes Another Witch's Shoes
A Sexy Potato A Sexy Potato
Evil Lipstick Evil Lipstick
Thanksgiving Event
Thanksgiving Challange
Amero Kingdom
Thanks Giving Giant Turkey
Giant Turkey
Thanks Giving Turkey Army
Turkey Army
Greed shard Greed Shard
Christmas Event
Xmas Challenge
Christmas Realm
Xmas Boss Santa
Santa Claus
Xmas Elves
Elvish Army
Xmas Evil Candy Cane Evil Candy Cane
Xmas Snowball Snowball of Doom
Xmas Eye Xmas Eye
Xmas Coal Xmas Coal
Xmas Metal Bar Xmas Metal Bar
Xmas Ribbon Xmas Bow
Bob's Special Day
Bday challenge11
Birthday Realm
CakeBoss event
Giant Cake

Anniversary Cherry Golden Cherry
Access to Cake Portal
Note: There are many more rewards in The Birthday Realm, but they are not dropped by the boss.

Day Off At Burrito's
Candyboss challenge
Burrito Bison Lt Jel E Boom
Lt. Jel E. Boom
None Juicy Purple Candy Lollipop Juicy Purple Candy
Candyboss challenge2
Burrito Bison Propeller Harry Bow Tie
Harry Bow Tie
None Juicy Blue Candy Lollipop Juicy Blue Candy
Candyboss challenge3
Burrito Bison Propeller Head
Propeller Hat Gummie
None Juicy Yellow Candy Lollipop Juicy Yellow Candy
Kingcandyboss challenge
Burrito Bison Brutus
None This boss will drop 250 Jelly Bean Jelly Beans multiplied by candy multiplier. He is a dynamic boss.
Wizardcandyboss challenge
Burrito Bison Propeller Gumdalf
Burrito Bison Lt Jel E Boom
Lt. Jel E. Boom

This boss will drop 250 Jelly Bean Jelly Beans multiplied by candy multiplier. He is a dynamic boss.

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