Brutus is a king boss featuring in Day Off At Burrito's. He also appears in Burrito Bison Revenge.

After losing fight in the wrestling ring against Burrito Bison, Brutus retired as wrestler and became the king of Candyland.

After being defeated, this boss will drop 250 Jelly Bean Jelly Beans multiplied by candy multiplier. Brutus is a dynamic boss, which means that his level will increase by 10 after resetting timeline in which he was defeated.

Trivia Edit

  • Brutus is not a King Boss, but regular boss that happens to be a king.
  • Brutus character with same name is green candy, but not blue in Burrito Bison Revenge.
  • Brutus in Burrito Bison Revenge is a Burrito Bison's opponent in the wrestling ring.

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