Burbtopia is the seventh kingdom. The only way to enter Burbtopia is using the Frantic Frigate with the Golden Compass.
Burbtopia villager

Kingdom is inhabited by tribe of parrots, architecture is inspired by Spanish buildings.

Whole country is located at shore, and filled with jungles plants and beaches.

World Overview Edit

  • Locations: 7
  • Total difficulty range: 4001-5000 (King: 5006-5025, Wizard: 5051)
  • Difficulty spread: 1000/1025/1051
  • Total number of levels: 1200
  • Levels occur 1 or 2 times each
  • Chests: 3
  • Challenges: 0
  • Time Portals: x8
  • Base Orbs Formula: [(Boss Level / 5) - 10] x 3.5

Map Edit

Burbtopia map

Locations Edit

Exactly half of every normal location must be destroyed in order to unlock connected locations.

Name Difficulty range Unlocked by
Lakeside Farmlands 4001-4200
Secret Chest - Greg the Flamingo

(7xStar Blue Chest)

New Farmshire 4201-4300
West Woodlands 4201-4400
Western Garrisson 4301-4400
West Lumberdale 4401-4600
Time Portal (x8) Complete difficulty 4500 in West Lumberdale
Secret Chest - Tim the Toucan

(7xStar Blue Chest)

Northern Walk 4601-4800
Secret Chest - The Parrot

(7xStar Blue Chest)

Hightower Pass 4801-5000
The Queen (7xStar Blue Chest) 5006-5025 Complete difficulty 4900 in Hightower Pass

Enemies Edit

Bird Army Edit

The Bird army is based on three troops with red, blue, orange and green feather color patterns. Armed with their deadly beaks and very deadly underwear!

They are obstacle and trying to stop Bob to progress the area. They are always accompany by a wizard.

Burbtopia army1 Burbtopia army2 Burbtopia army3 Burbtopia army4

Bosses Edit

Name Image Function Description
The Wizard Boss Wizard7 Guarding each boss stage He is always guarding and after timer is run out he resets boss health. After beating each area you can defeat him at last time portal.
Greg the Flamingo Boss Greg the Flamingo Guarding blue chest
(7 Stars)
Pink Flamingo with terrifying gaze.
Tim the Toucan Boss Tim the Toucan Guarding blue chest
(7 Stars)
Guarding and enjoying the tropical sun.
The Parrot Boss The Parrot Guarding blue chest
(7 Stars)
This parrot is one of queen's best guards.
The Queen Queen Burbtopia Final boss at King Challenge Queen and ruler of Burbtopia.


  • Kingdom name is a joke from KojakTSL's streams and reference to Kojak's birds which his roommate owns.