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Day Off At Burrito's is a temporary event which has begun on 20 April 2017. This event is a crossover with Juicy Beast.

Ancient Portal Edit

Burrito Bison Portal

It's a strange ancient portal.

The Candyland is not marked on the world map and the only way there is via the Burrito Bison Ancient Portal located at the very beginning of the Amero Kingdom. Also, the only way back to the Amero Kingdom is via the Burrito Bison Ancient Portal in Candyland.

Player can freely move between the worlds. There is no charge for using the Portal.

The Burrito Bison Portal is only available and activated during the Burrito Bison Event.

World Overview Edit

The difficulty of the Challenges and Locations depends on the highest ever reached difficulty.

  • Locations: 7
  • Challenges: 5
  • Candy shop
  • Juicy Beast Store

Map Edit

Burrito Bison Map

Juicy Beast Store Edit

Burrito Bison Juicy Beast

Juicy Beast are great friends of ours, this whole world was done by them Support them by checking their stuff!

Burrito Bison Laucha Libre
Burrito Bison 3
Burrito Bison Knightmare Tower
Knightmare Tower
Burrito Bison Juicybeast Team
Juicy Beast
Burrito Bison Podcast
Podcast (4th May)

Note: Check out other Berzerk Podcasts: here

Burrito Bison Challenges Edit

The level of the Challenges depends on the highest level the player has ever reached (denoted as x in following table). The Burrito Bison Challenges were closed some day. Even if the player stayed in the Candyland one can not enter the challenges.

Name Difficulty range Reward
Candyboss challenge Challenge I x+10 to x+35 Juicy Purple Candy Lollipop
Juicy Purple Candy
Add an extra 1 to item drop during Day Off At Burrito's event
Kingcandyboss challenge Challenge II x+50 Jelly Bean
250 Jelly Beans * your candy multiplier
May be used to buy items at Candy Shop
Candyboss challenge2 Challenge III x+70 Juicy Blue Candy Lollipop
Juicy Blue Candy
Add an extra 1 to item drop during Day Off At Burrito's event
Wizardcandyboss challenge Challenge IV x+100 Jelly Bean
250 Jelly Beans * your candy multiplier
May be used to buy items at Candy Shop
Candyboss challenge3 Challenge V x+170 Juicy Yellow Candy Lollipop
Juicy Yellow Candy
Add an extra 1 to item drop during Day Off At Burrito's event

Note: Challenge II (Brutus) and Challenge IV (Gumdalf) can be beaten once per timeline (see Time Portal). The level of both bosses increases by 10 levels each time they are defeated.

Bosses Edit

Name Image Function Description
Lt. Jel E. Boom
(Burrito Bison Laucha Libre)
Burrito Bison Lt Jel E Boom Enemy of the Challenges I The protector of all the gummies.
(Burrito Bison Revenge)
Burrito Bison Brutus Enemy of the Challenges II King of the Candyland.
Harry Bow Tie
(Burrito Bison Laucha Libre)
Burrito Bison Propeller Harry Bow Tie Enemy of the Challenges III He protecting his goods from flesh strangers.
(Burrito Bison Laucha Libre)
Burrito Bison Propeller Gumdalf Enemy of the Challenges V Wizard of the Candyland.
Propeller Hat Gummie
(Burrito Bison Revenge)
Burrito Bison Propeller Head Enemy of the Challenges IV He has a propeller hat.

Candyland CurrencyEdit

Jelly Bean

Look at all this candy! And plenty of gummies to eat too!

During the time of the event Jelly Beans are another in-game currency. The Jelly Beans are dropped randomly after destroying a building. This applies to all houses of all kingdoms and the Candyland. The drop rate is affected by the number of jelly beans the player has collected and the time till the end of the event. This mechanic was implemented to help every player reach their goal even if they access the event later than the others. For a more thorough explanation of this mechanic see Event Mechanics.

The gain of Jelly Beans could be raised by collecting unique Candy Items at the Candy shop or at the Burrito Bison Challenges.

Candy Shop Edit


Welcome to Candy Land! Now that you're here, I can take a break from smashing Gummies. If you bring me some jelly beans, I'll give you a bunch of their magic junk!

Burrito Bison's quotes Edit

  • You sure you aren't green candy?
  • You guys seen El Pollo around?
  • Man, these candies taste weird.
  • I would do anything for a steak right now...

Purchasable items Edit

Name Image Price Effect
Fast Time Travel FTT Jelly Bean
Obtain an number of orbs
Juicy Pink Candy Juicy Pink Candy Jelly Bean
Add an extra 1 to item drop for Buritto Bison Event
Juicy Blue Candy Juicy Blue Candy Jelly Bean
Add an extra 1 to item drop for Burrito Bison Event
Juicy Green Candy Juicy Green Candy Jelly Bean
Add an extra 1 to item drop for Burrito Bison Event
Magic Doughnut Magic Doughnut Jelly Bean
Vinque-2-white Vinque-0-whiteVinque-0-whiteVinque-0-white
Add 20% to white orb drop
Crunchy Candy Cookie Crunchy Candy Cookie Jelly Bean
Vinque-1-whiteVinque-0-white Vinque-0-whiteVinque-0-whiteVinque-0-white
Decrease Skill cooldown by 5%
Gummy Wizard's Ring Gummy Wizards Ring Jelly Bean
Vinque-3-whiteVinque-0-white Vinque-0-whiteVinque-0-whiteVinque-0-white
Increase White Orb drop by 25% per Black Orb

Note: The number of orbs earned from the Fast Time Travel corresponds to the highest number of broken orbs ever collected during any timeline (multiplied by the best unlocked portal multiplier).

Strategy Edit

  • Each piece of candy adds 1 jelly bean to the drop. So instead of 1 jelly bean, you'll get 2, 3.. etc. Now. there are 3 regular bosses in the event world that give a piece of candy. Do try to knock them out first thing.
  • You'll need to be at max dps or as close to it as you possibly can. So the highest difficulty you've reached and then past that for dps. The bosses with little platforms reset every time you reset. Every time you beat them their level increases; it does NOT increase unless you beat them.
  • It is highly suggested to get all 6 pieces of candy as soon as you can to maximize your Jelly Bean drop, as you need a total of 43700 Jelly Beans to purchase all items (except Fast Time Travel). Once you access the store in the event world, if you click on your beans, it'll pull up the store.

Trivia Edit

  • All the art assets for the event were made by Juicy Beast

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