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"Hand-forged by the Dark Prince himself in the sombrest nights of the deepest layers of hell, it is the zenith of everything evil... but holy hell he's annoying."

Carl the Monolith is one of Bob's Minions. He is the only minion which doesn't attack directly, but instead Carl triples DPS of all other monsters for each level.

To have access to Carl the Monolith one needs to have The Tomb King at least at level one.


This Items that references but not affects Carl the Monolith's abilities.

Features Edit

  • Carl has no attack animation.
  • Carl is the only minion without any damage.
  • Carl has the ability to raise the damage of all other tap and non-tap-Monster. He multiplies all damage by three for each level.
  • Carl's price for level up is much higher then others. The price for the next level is the old price multiplied by 25.
  • Carl has no active or passive skills.


  • Carl's design was inspired by black monolith from Space Odyssey movie.
  • Carl's name came from Rugrats.
  • Developers wanted to make this new minion most terrifying thing, until Lachhh drew funny face on it and we got what we have now...
  • Valentine Carl

    Portrait during Valentine's Day

    Prior to v1.03.021 Carl's max level was 10. Then he was uncapped which means that players can level him up as many times as they want.
  • Carl say different sentences than the other minions when you upgrade him. For example: TubularYay!I'm Helping or So Radical!.
  • During Halloween 2016 Carl the Monolith was dressed as Pro Skater, his costume is simply sport equipment and that makes him look lazy to come up with creative idea for a costume.
  • Succubus is in love with him.
  • Carl was featured in Valentine's Day 2017 front art.

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