Chaos Gem is an arcane item that affects orb drop.


Chaos Gem is a item with pointing arrow head into 8 directions like a compass and giant gem in the center.

Chaos Gem adds 1 to white orb drops to all bosses, this means including those who don't drop usually. Similar items to this are some of Event items.

Chaos Gem is an arcane item and doesn't have any other rarity and it has no star rating.

Acquisition Edit

Chaos Gem can only be crafted in the Forge with help of 1984 Spectral Vacuum.

Crafting Recipe Edit

Recipes for Chaos Gem
Item Description Ingredients Time
Chaos gem
Chaos Gem
Add 1 white orbs to all bosses Chaos crest
Chaos Crest
Ectoplasm Cube
Magic Ring
Magic Ring

Trivia Edit

  • Items name is similar to chaos gem from Dark Souls 3

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