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This article is about everyone who has done anything for zombilde. Zombidle wouldn't exist without these people.

The credits can be found in advanced options, which can be found in the left top corner of the game screen.

Options advanced

Berzerk Studio Edit

Credits 1
Main article: Berzerk Studio

Game design Edit

Lead Coder Edit

Lead Artist Edit

Coders Edit

User Interface Edit

  • Emilie Bourget

Beta Testers Edit

Credits BetaTester
  • Brian Taylor
  • TheOddPeguinOut
  • j4gon
  • nimitz85
  • Corey Clark
  • Denys Holub
  • Michal Gielo
  • LukteDukte
  • Bryan Kelley
  • Handamer
  • Guillame Ménard
  • GEP
  • Chis Hughes
  • Mirco Hölzel
  • Kelstek
  • Monkeyman1520
  • Aggro
  • Nexan20
  • Wilda78
  • Lucas Lund
  • Stas Korotaev
  • micah1880q
  • TheLostDims
  • BoldBigFlank
  • Ionut Sorin Bajenaru
  • Legendarior
  • Tompson Kaa

Translation Edit

The translation of Zombidle is crowed founded. If you want to help improving the translation of zombilde click here.

English by Edit

  • @Thompson_Kaa

Français by Edit

  • Michel Ducarme
  • Xorilog

Deutsch by Edit

  • @THEpaduser
  • Seberoth
  • Pixelzonelp
  • DasGraMMa
  • Schkai

Dutch by Edit

  • Wauteurz
  • SimonVerhoeven

Spanish by Edit

  • Kaychienocilla
  • @THEpaduser

Italian Edit

  • @lowselling
  • Hell_Flames

Norwegian Edit

  • Banansint

Chinese by Edit

  • Gengo

Danisch by Edit

  • TheLostDims

Russian by Edit

  • Just_A_Gamer

Turkish by Edit

  • Berkecan and Thorban

Special Thanks Edit

Credits Berzerk
  • Special Thanks to all BETATESTES
  • Thanks to everyone who is playing Zombidle

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