He is known for being a owner of Item Dump. He makes business with Bob, but is not part of his gang. During a Bob's Special Day he gave him a Rubbish Dump. Relation between Western Swamps is unknown.


This is the quote line when you at Item Dump:

  • Hey! I collect unique event items that you've missed. You can have them, but they aren't free! I got kids ya know...

Those quote are from Christmas Shop that he owned:

  • You are the mean one...
  • Wanna play zoozit and kazay?
  • Something something 39 foot pole.
  • How tight are your shoes?
  • You've got garlic in your soul...
  • Your heart is full of unwashed socks.
  • Want some roast beast?

Bob's Special Day Challenge message to Bob:

  • I guess it's your birthday or whatever? I think I've got something laying around you can have...

Trivia Edit

  • The "shop" keeper is an adult cyclops. All cyclops of Western Swamps are not full grown.
  • The shop keeper says that the items are not free because he has kids to feed.
  • A Cyclops in Greek mythology and later Roman mythology, was a member of a primordial race of giants, each with a single eye in the middle of his forehead. The name literally means "round-eyed".
  • The Greeks might have been interpreted the central nasal cavity of the skull of an elephant as a large single eye-socket of a huge monster.
  • He owns present shop during Christmas Event 2016

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