Diamonds are one of the currencies in the game, the other being Skull Skulls, White Orb Orbs and Bloodstone Bloodstones. Along with Bloodstones, they are paid currency.

Acquisition Edit

Villagers Edit

Diamonds can be acquired in a plethora of ways. The simplest one is clicking/tapping on the blazing villagers that run around in a panic after you destroy a building. They drop mostly skulls, but have a small chance of dropping Diamonds. The chance of villagers dropping diamonds does not change, making early stages farmable when the player gets strong enough after using the Time Portal. If the player's damage per second is higher than the hp of the building, that's a good place to farm for diamonds.

Note: There is a cap of ~11-17 diamonds every 4 hours.

Scrolls Edit

Main article: Scrolls

Valentine Shop map

Another way of acquiring Diamonds is to click on the scrolls that randomly drop after destroying a building. After watching a short ad video, one of the possible rewards is 5-8 diamonds according to the level of your Chaos Resort. A special scroll containing 10 Diamonds may also appear after the player has watched 20 ad videos. Lachhh, the original developer of the game, will appear with a short message thanking the player for supporting Berzerk Studios by watching so many ads. He will then give the special reward scroll to the player.

Codes Edit

Main article: Spectre Genie Code

In the Mail App in the SelfPhone, one can send a code to the Specter Genie to get associated with that code reward. Codes are given away by the Zombidle Team during streams or Berzerk Podcasts.

Bounties Edit

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You can earn additional diamonds if you already earn this week's Nasty Item and continue to complete bounties.

One time offers Edit

Another way to obtain few diamonds is to follow the Berzerk Studio on the social media (Facebook, Twitter and Twitch) for a one time free Diamonds for each platform the player follows.

Diamond Shop Edit

Offer Name Small Pack Medium Pack Bigger Pack Large Pack OMG Pack
Content +15 Diamond
+20 Bloodstone
+55 Diamond
+30 Bloodstone
+140 Diamond
+40 Bloodstone
+320 Diamond
+50 Bloodstone
+1000 Diamond
+60 Bloodstone
Price* $1.99 $5.99 $9.99 $19.99 $49.99

*All listed prices are in US Dollars. The prices may vary depending on the country and currency.

DLC Edit

You can bought those only single time.

Offer Name Starter Pack Burrito's Pack Nipply Pack
Content +200 Diamond
+50 Bloodstone
+2 War shard
+2 Greed shard
+ a fancy hat!
+500 Diamond
+75 Bloodstone
+4 War shard
+4 Greed shard
+ a fancy hat!
+ all event items
(Unless already owned)
+500 Diamond
+75 Bloodstone
+4 War shard
+4 Greed shard
+ a fancy hat!
+ all event items
(Unless already owned)
Price* $9.99 $19.99 $19.99

*All listed prices are in US Dollars. The prices may vary depending on the country and currency.

Ludicrous Diamond Pack Edit

In the game, there is a one time Easter Egg connected to buying diamonds that gives 5 free diamonds. There is a "purchasable" Diamond pack in the store labeled "Ludicrous Pack (....really?)", which contains:

  • 547,899 Diamonds
  • 5 sandwiches
  • 2 tickets to a Slain Dion concert

All this for the price of $750,000 and your soul. Of course this is a gag, and clicking it will submit the player to a gauntlet of binary responses such as "Yes" and "No", later becoming "Hmm hmm" and "Shut up!". Positively answering the questions will lead to a humorous monologue by the game developer and at the end of it, 5 Diamonds. The player can attempt to click this option again once its rewards have been claimed, but only humorous monologue will occur (no further rewards).

Usage Edit

Hell BuildingsEdit

Main article: Hell

Hell is the place where diamonds and items can be used to build special hell buildings that provide passive bonuses or can be exchanged for special items.

Diamond Deals Edit

Main article: Deals

Diamond Deals are potent buffs you may activate anytime, but they require diamonds in various numbers to be activated. Diamond Deals are similar to Devil Deals, but are more powerful then their Devil counterparts. Diamond and Devil Deals are mutually exclusive, which means both cannot be active at the same time.

Crafting Edit

Diamonds can be used to rush anything that is being crafted in the Forge. The amount of Diamonds required to complete any project is equal to time in minutes excluding seconds (excepting 0 minutes and x seconds) divided by 10 and rounded up.

For example, to complete an item with the remaining time of 38 minutes and 53 seconds, player would need 4 diamonds. At 30 minutes and 53 seconds it would require 3 diamonds.

Bounties Edit

Each bounty can be skipped with 5 diamonds and still counts against the remaining bounties needed for the Nasty Item.

Item Dump Edit

Item Dump Icon

Main article: Item Dump

If you have missed any event items, then you can purchase them at Item Dump with diamonds.

Trivia Edit

  • Before the reduction of construction time, buildings in Hell had had very long construction times, which had resulted in ridiculous amounts Diamonds required to complete construction immediately. Upgrading Armageddon Armory to level 5 had taken 10 days, which is equal to 14,440 minutes. Rushing right after beginning construction would have cost 1,440 diamonds.