Doom Safe is a unique item that was introduced in the part 2 of Bob's Special Day.

Properties Edit

Doom Safe is keeping all your skulls inside him safe from shady people. Warning: it can bite.

The difference between Piggy Bank of Doom and Doom Safe is that Doom Safe gives 1,000 which are later multiplied by all skulls' multipliers that a player has, while Piggy Bank of Doom always gives 50,000 each reset.

To clarify, let's take into consideration the following example. A player with nothing but 5 Greed shard Greed Shards (x32 multiplier) and the Doom Safe, will get after reset 32,000 skulls (the x32 is applied to 1,000 skulls provided by Doom Safe).

As an Event Item, Doom Safe is an unique item and has neither any other rarity nor star rating.

Acquisition Edit

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