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Better! Harder! Every Season

Temporary Events are only available for a period. The player has to beat challenges in this time to get unique items. Missed unique items can be afford at the Item Dump.

There is no possibility to go back to a closed event.

There are two kind of temporary events.

  • Big events have their own realm.  These realms are not marked on the world map and the only way to get there is via a special Ancient Portal which is located at the very beginning of the Amero Kingdom.

Easter Edit

Title empty2

Main article: Easter Event 2016

Game version: v1.01.007

The Easter Event was a small event which was integrated into the Amero Kingdom. It consisted of three challenges. It was available from 22th March to 3rd April 2016. All symbols are based on Easter.


  • 3 challenges in Amero Kingdom.
  • 3 unique items that can be obtained by completing Easter Challenges.
  • The villagers where replaced by small bunny
  • The houses where replaced by Easter Houses

Halloween Edit

Title empty5

Main article: Halloween Event 2016

The update was announced in v.1.03.017 along with placing closed Ancient Portal in which one could suggest one's ideas for costumes and get exclusive hat for participation.

The Halloween Challenge is a big challenge which has an own realm. It was available from 13th October to 11th November 2016

Game version: v1.03.018, v1.03.020


  • Villains wear Halloween costumes suggested by the community
  • Skull icon has been replaced with Scary Pumpkin SkullHalloween
  • A new realm for Halloween.
    • 6 unique Halloween items that can be obtained by completing Halloween Challenges.
    • The Bosses are Pumpkin warriors
    • The villagers are skeletons.
    • The houses had a special Halloween design.


Main article: Thanksgiving Event
Title empty7

The Thanksgiving event is a small event which was integrated by a new Challange in Amero Kingdom. It was available from 25th November to 8th December. All symbols are based on Thanksgiving.

Game version: v1.03.022


Christmas Edit

Main article: Christmas Event
Title empty8

The Christmas Challenge is a big challenge which has an own realm. It has been available since 8th December 2016 and it was closed on the 19th January 2017.

Game version: v1.03.023


  • A special currency (Gifts) for Christmas
  • A special shop for the Christmas currency
  • A new realm for Christmas where the houses have snow on their roof.
  • Seven unique items
  • The Boss is Santa Claus with his minions (elves)

Valentine's Day Edit

Zombidle Valentine's Day blank

Main article: Valentine's Day Event

Valentine's Day features no challenges or own realm, but it has new currency and new shop that is located in Amero Kingdom. The event was available from 9th to 23rd February 2017.

Game version: v1.03.027


  • A special currency (Villager's Hearts) for Valentine's Day.
  • A special shop for Valentine's Day currency in Amero Kingdom.
  • Carl the Monolith has special new portrait art in shape of a heart.

Bob's Special Day Edit


Main article: Bob's Special Day

The Anniversary Challenge is a big challenge which has an own realm. Each challenge must be beaten to progress next one, it has no normal locations. What are you waiting for, go there right now!

Game version: v1.03.029


  • New Items
  • Special own realm with a giant cake in the middle.
  • Special challenges for Bob from each minion.

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