"Bring me this item, and I'll start cooking." - The Black Lich

The Evil 3D Printer is key item that allows the player access to the Forge.


It is unknown why it is evil but it is sure handy. The Evil 3D Printer is a device that may look like machinery from a workshop. It has a green shard hammered at the top of it and a red shard taped to its front, also there are two buttons at the bottom. The Evil 3D Printer is a key item and doesn't have any rarity and it has no star rating.


The Evil 3D Printer can be obtained from a challenge multiple times.

Name Difficulty range Reward
Map Challange Malgar Realm

Challenge I

Evil 3D Printer
Access to the Forge in the Arcane Laboratory



Main Article: Forge

The Forge is the last of the three crafting tabs in the Arcane laboratory. It allows you to combine 3 treasure items together into a single new item.

Items can be combined in any order. If the items' combination is wrong, the result will be Rubbish.


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