The Fireaxe of Fire is a unique item added alongside the Sack of Skulls in the v1.03.038 update.

Properties Edit

The Fireaxe of Fire is a magical fire axe that is on fire, and is held by a Lumberjack. Kojak said it is a unique version of the Power Axe.

The Fireaxe of Fire adds 100% DPS to non-tap monsters, a step up from the regular Power Axe's 30% (in Rare form). Before implementation, Kojak said during a stream it would add 50% DPS to non-tap monsters.

Acquisition Edit

The Fireaxe of Fire is obtainable by completing the first Challenge in the Amero Kingdom.

Boss Location Difficulty range Reward
Map Lumberjack
The Lumberjack
Amero Kingdom
Challenge I
25 Fire Axe of Fire
Fireaxe of Fire
Add 100% to non-tap monsters