The Frantic Frigate is a key item that allows you to travel between kingdoms.


Frantic Frigate is a transport vehicle that can fly between kingdoms. It has a giant hot air balloon that allows it to travel in the sky.

The Frantic Frigate is a key item and doesn't have any rarity and it has no star rating.


The Frantic Frigate can be obtained from a challenge only once.

Name Difficulty range Reward
Map Challange Amero Kingdom

Challenge II

Frantic Frigate
Frantic Frigate
Provides access to the World map


After you have acquired the Frantic Frigate you can access to it through the world map and then travel between kingdoms. The next compatible item is the Passports.

Games Edit

Frantic Frigates Edit

Frantic Frigate Game1

Title screen of Frantic Frigates

The name Frantic Frigate is based on the same-titled game by the Berzerk Studio. The player has to control a ship which has to fight sharks, boats and other ships. A special shop for pirates offers you upgrades for your boat to beat all bosses.

Awards Edit

The first installment of the Frantic Frigate franchise was critically acclaimed, won multiple awards and was front page on all major portals.

  • front-paged on NotDoppler, AddictingGames, ArmorGames, Newgrounds, Kongregate and a lot more
  • "Top 5 action game of all time" Kongregate
  • 1st Daily Feature over on Newgrounds
  • "Nifty Piece of nautical action" 4.4/5 on JayIsGame,
  • "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" 9/10 at Nine Over Ten and "Exciting!" A- from the awesome A.V.Club

Where to Play: Edit

Frantic Frigates 2 Edit

Frantic Frigate Game2

Title screen of the Frantic Frigates 2

Frantic Frigates 2 was planned to be the sequel of the first version of the game. Bigger sharks and more action were announced. Despite that, the Game has never been released. (Read more about the game here)


  • "Winner of the most accurate Canadian Piracy Game." Lachhh's own Opinion

Trivia Edit

  • You can collect three hats on the world map if you're patient enough. Gold Chests will occasionally fly across the map; colliding with them will get them.
  • The Frantic Frigate shares similarity to the "Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers" vehicle.
  • Frantic Frigate Old Version The first image of the Frantic Frigate for Zombidle had no balloon. It was based on the first available boat in the Frantic Frigate Game. But there are unreachable kingdoms which have no connection to the sea.
  • During boss fight with The Angel, background area is the Frantic Frigate, but closer and more detailed.

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