Title screens Edit

Version 1 Edit

V1.04.000 - Play With Your Organs! Edit

12th October 2018 - Organs discovered!

  • Obtain Old Rusty in World 3 and gain the ability to swap out Bob's Organs with fresh new ones!
  • After obtaining Old Rusty, you now earn Dethcoins from the Normal World's Chest Monsters and Kings!
  • Upgrade the Surgery Lab to increase how many organs are in the shop!
  • Store and restocking costs reset every 24 hours (midnight EST)

Halloween Event!

  • Pumpkins got some blood on them this year - collect them so you can trade them to the Swarm of Bats for items!
  • Click on the Currency Icon on the top-right to quickly view the shop!
  • Offline Progression skull bugs should be resolved!
  • Remember, online and offline progress only continues to the end of the current world you are in!
  • The 'To Hell' button now shows how the lowest "Time till Completion" underneath it.
  • Remember: Hell Building construction timers override the Craft timer.
  • Clarified DPS/Skull breakdowns by adding 'from Sleep' and fixing black orb description (Black Orb items should now be in the Black Orb modifier!)
  • Bob's Sleep Taps now fill by 5% max instead of 1 each second
  • Improvements to detect when the game cannot save progress to help prevent rare save/data loss instances.
  • In the event ad's fail, Chaos Resort bonuses should be taken into effect!

v1.03.059 Edit

6th August 2018 - Greed overcomes All, Regicide now desired

  • Multi-World Farming Kings are now purchasable!
  • Passion Pack has replaced the Nipply Pack!
  • Divine Protein Powder now has an effect!
    • "Multiply Total DPS per White Orb by 10,000% Stacks Multiplicatively." In-game it shows the incorrect tool-tip, this will be updated next patch!
  • Beads of Power now benefit from Muon Ghost Amplifier bonus
  • Fixed enormous draw call bug with monster items in small view
  • Reduced decimal accuracy from thousandth to hundredth (2 decimal places)
  • Black area on world map now consumes the click instead of pushing it to the world behind it
  • Timer underneath 'To Hell' button now displays shortest craft timer
  • Offline Progression calculations have been updated to hopefully be more accurate and faster.

v1.03.058 Edit

9th July 2018 - What? World 6 and 7 are evolving!

  • Just Shapes & Beats event has ended!
    • Any remaining currency is converted to FTT's at a rate of 500 beatcoins/FTT
  • Added 5, 6, and 7 star monster items!
    • World 6 and 7 chest monsters have been introduced and are purchasable for Multi-World Farming if you own the Corporate Ladder!
  • Magic Axe recipe time lowered from 24 hours to 4 hours.
  • Spectre Axe recipe time lowered from 24 hours to 4 hours.
  • Added ability to filter between All Items, Monster Items, and Non-Monster items!
  • Chaos Gem has had its cost and bonus updated!
    • Recipe: Ectoplasm Cube -> Ectoplasm Ball
    • Base Bonus: +1 -> +2
  • More Death Medals!
  • Updated Lachhh Scroll
  • King's dropped chest is now guaranteed to be Rare.
  • Fixed a bunch of places where text was not properly translating.
  • Devil Deals will now always spawn during a 'Free Devil Deal' event, even when there are ad issues.
  • Arcane Boost will now properly include Chaos Resort bonus in the event an ad fails.

v1.03.057 Edit

28th May 2018 - Just Shapes & Beats HYPE

  • 'Just Shapes & Beats' event to celebrate the upcoming release of the game YOU helped us make!
  • Lachhh scroll has been updated! (It may have an increased reward as well ;) )
  • Several bug fixes

v1.03.056 Edit

13th April 2018 - small update!

  • New levels of the Armory, Bank, and Resort.
  • Discounts to the Easter and Juicy Beast items from last year's events.
  • Fixed a few issues and bugs.

v1.03.055 Edit

23rd March 2018 - The Nightmare Begins! Or...did it start already?

  • Unlocked after completing World 6, continue your rampage up to level 29000!
  • Chest Collector's animation has been sped up!
  • Additional Death Medals added!
  • Unpurchased unique event items moved to the Item Dump.
  • Last year's Valentines Day and Anniversary items have had their cost reduced by 50%.
  • Arcane Battery max level increased to 5.
  • Active skill duration should no longer disappear upon saving and re-entering game.
  • Text for skill's active timer no longer disappears when cooldown ends.
  • Players with their Leaderboards stuck as "Loading..." can now fix on their end, just click the minus button once or twice!
  • Skill timers should now properly include players skill duration items on start up!
  • Several UI issues corrected within Mail and game scrollbars.
  • Enabling 'No Explosions' also stops the White Orbs breaking from shaking the screen.
  • Getting stuck on 'Loading Save File' should be resolved!
  • Beta Nightmare Items have had their bonus removed.
  • Several bug fixes.

v1.03.052 Edit

5th February 2018 - Welcome to Pleasure Island!

  • New event world, Pleasure Island!
  • 3 new Unique items can be found in the shop, one of them is a new mechanic.
  • Major optimizations!
    • Bonuses are now being cached as opposed to constantly being re-calculated!
    • New Max Buy button math! Proven to be several hundred thousand times faster in our tests!
  • Pesky Offline Progression bug is hopefully fixed once and for all!

v1.03.051 Edit

15th December 2017 - Update is on time-ish, it’s a Festivus Miracle!

New Event system!

  • Free Devil Deals during Christmas week!
  • New Death Medals!
  • Optimization!
  • Tons of bugs fixes!

v1.03.050 Edit

1st December 2017 - Everyone is coming in on Saturday

  • Now showing progression (in %) in World Map
  • New item The Corporate Ladder The Corporate Ladder through new Challenge in World 4 (unlocks the ability to hire monsters on the world map)

Re-vamped quick options: New buttons at the right of Carl card:

  • "Go To Map"
  • "Enter Code" (Mail code)
  • "Quick Portal" (use the highest Portal available)
  • "Progress Mode" (switch between "Farm mode" and "Progress Mode")
  • "Collect All" (taming chest monsters to fight/farm worlds for you)

New Levels in Hell

  • Chaos Resort Level 6
  • Golden Shower of Deathness Level 7

v1.03.049 Edit

9th November 2017 - Post TwitchCon Leaderboard whatever

  • Leaderboards - add up to 4 friends to your own leaderboard!
  • New Death Medals up to 2.5Q!
  • Diamond store revamp!
    • 3 one-time packs for new players so that they quickly get to mid-game.
  • Chest Collector's name has been changed to Chest Collector.


  • SelfPhone allowed in Hell!
  • Annoying ! is now gone!
  • Chest collector kills now count toward bounty quest.


  • Fast Time Travel now properly calculates the orbs.
  • Maurice will not grant bonus immediately after starting construction.
  • Lots of new bugs!
    • Leaderboard sometimes doesn't work.

v1.03.048 Edit

14th October 2017 - Bounties Hotfix

v1.03.047 Edit

12th October 2017 - Boo! Are you scared? It's Halloween!


  • Hard cap has been replaced back by soft cap.
  • Sloth's Form now wakes Bob up.
  • Mercenary Knight's level lowered to 551.

v1.03.046 Edit

28th September 2017 - Detecting chests...

v1.03.045 Edit

14th September 2017 - May the crafting time be with you!

Arcane Laboratory

  • Repeat Last Craft button!
  • Ectoplasm Ectoplasm (and any other Ghost Item) may not be used to craft Rubbish Rubbish :(


  • Most item cards don't have special background anymore.

v1.03.044 Edit

31st August 2017 - The Rain of Cash!

v1.03.043 Edit

17th August 2017 - The Gonzo Invasion!

  • New event, new map and new glossy items!
    • The event was created by GonzoSSM!
    • The event will last for 4 weeks with an inbetween part 2 update.
  • Pressing 0 activates all skills!

Event mechanics

  • Currency drop chance may now be 0%.
  • Items that add to currency drops now increment the cap.

Arcane Laboratory

  • Blocked the possibility of "crafting" more than one unique item (eg. Ultimate Badge Ultimate Badge). A warning popup will appear instead.
  • All bonuses should now be recalculated correctly when you use Collect All button!
  • Skip Xh button now reflects the bonus from Chaos Resort.


  • Sticking tooltips have been fixed!
  • Sticking Scrolls have been fixed!
  • Item Dump timer has been removed. No more misleading and mysterious numbers!
  • Green fingers above villagers don't appear anymore after first time warp.
  • Flying Ancient Portal on World Map has been shifted down to not collide with The Angel.
  • White Orbs count should no longer overflow.
  • Berzerk Pals login screen improvement.
  • Surrender button cycles through a couple quotes.
  • Monster Icons/Skills flash red when you are unable to purchase them.
  • Typing numbers while login window is up above game screen no longer triggers skills in the background.


  • Removed a Game of Thrones spoiler.
  • Fixed incorrect date saving.
  • Saving is blocked when loading an old save so that it doesn't cause items loss anymore.
  • Bloodstone Mail now should be sent only once with the correct number of Bloodstone Bloodstones.
  • Timers on web ads now appear again.

v1.03.042 Edit

20th/21st July 2017 - Nemesis!

Beta Edit

19th July 2017 - Beta strikes back!

8th July 2017 - Sadly, Beta has been rolled back :(

  • Due to numerous bugs and bad balancing, beta had to be rolled back.
  • All participants received A Broken Orb Hat A Broken Orb Hat and 100 Diamond Diamonds!

6th July 2017 - Beta released!

  • Download the beta update and participate in testing of the upcoming update!

v1.03.039 Edit

June 22nd 2017 - Burbtopia arises!

v1.03.038 Edit

June 8th 2017 - First post-Steam Release!

  • 2 new Challenges with unique items!
  • 3 new recipes, two of which are new ways to craft the War splinter War Splinters and Greed splinter Greed Splinters!
  • New Steam exlcusive Blood Blood system!
  • Revised Hell building construction times.
  • Bug fixes!

v1.03.037 Edit

May 2017 - Steam Release hype!

  • 3 unique badges awarded for playing on mobile, web and Steam versions of the game!
  • Crossplatform released on Kongregate!
  • Type to click! Smash your keyboard and feel the true power of insane clicking!
  • Unfortunately less villagers spawn when the houses are destroyed.
  • Scrollable sections can now be moved by grabbing.

v1.03.036 Edit

18th May 2017 - Crossplatform Release!

  • HUGE crossplatform rework
  • Crossplatform now includes:, NotDoppler, Newgrounds, iOS, and Android
  • AG will follow at a later date and the team is working on Kongregate.
  • Beta version of Steam available
  • All challenges are now visible, completed or not.
  • New level for all buildings in Hell, except for the Arcane Laboratory.
  • The Big Plague sends now an email with Bloodstones occasionally.

v1.03.035 Edit

5th May 2017 - The Resort is now open...for a price.

  • New Hell Building!
  • Shards added to the Juicy Beast store
  • Added new Death Medals
  • Added Event portal to the world map
  • Fixed a ton of bugs (including devil deal timer bugs)

v1.03.034 Edit

21th April 2017 - Juicy Beast Event!

  • Burrito Bison event "Day Off At Burrito's":
    • Collect jelly beans to buy new unique items
    • Added Candy Land, a new event world.
    • New bosses to fight that increase in difficulty!
    • New Juicy Items.
  • New quick options for the Arcane (minimum Arcane Lab level: 3)
    • New Quick Ghost crafting! (Must have the Vacuum before this is available).
    • You can now collect all crafts with one button!
  • Bunch of bug fixes!

v1.03.033 Edit

13th April 2017 - Ad-tacular!

  • New ad platform released to Android Beta for testing.

v1.03.032 Edit

7th April 2017 - Easter Egg Hunt has begun!

  • Easter Event 2017 Update!
    • New Red Knight's Store in World 1 (Amero Kingdom)
    • New Event Items
    • Special event currency - Eggs!
  • Percentage and Multiplicative Orb Bonuses are now applied after additive bonuses are applied
    • Ex. White Orb Drop = (Base White Orb Drop + Additive Bonuses[Crests,+X to White Orbs/Bosses, etc]) * Multiplicative Bonuses [White Orb x2, Add 20% to White Orb/Bosses, Death Medals, etc]
  • Three additional Death Medals have been added (1 Billion, 2.5 Billion, and 5 Billion).
  • Medals have been added for the latest Chest monsters.
  • Item screen now remembers chosen size and sort format.
  • Whitespace on code entry is now being trimmed.

Bug Fixes / Small Changes:

  • Visual bug regarding click damage showing wrong unit has been fixed (would show D instead of U, or vice versa).
  • Arcane 4h Boosts can no longer overwrite the Lachhh bonus scroll if the Lachhh scroll is set to be next.
  • Fast Time Travel now takes Carl's Birthday Card into it's calculation.
  • You can no longer click background objects while in a Devil Deal or Mail app.
  • Offline system has been improved in the event of a server outage.
  • Resolved visual issue when skulls on reset would not appear immediately.
  • Removed "Add 5% to White Orb DPS" text on Time Portal map spot (it became quickly outdated).
  • When Chop Chop is pressed, the game will now resume sound if the player has sound on.
  • Skills' Timers no longer show a duration of '0' seconds on start up.
  • If you attempt to time travel with offline rewards, you will get a pop up warning you.
  • Resolved issue where Ghost item count was not updated real time in the item screen.
  • Resolved issue where login screen would appear multiple times.
  • Skills are now properly paused when on the time portal map.
  • Farm mode is now automatically disabled when going through a time portal.
  • Resolved visual bug in items inventory where items would disappear too quickly when scrolling.
  • Added a check on start up to compare wizard achievements with current black orb counts
  • Arcane building has been moved slightly to prevent clipping on the bank.
  • Optimized changelog being loaded in game - no visual impact for players.
  • Resolved bug where skills' timers would no longer be on cooldown after refresh.
  • Links to Discord, Reddit and Wikia in options

v1.03.031 Edit

25th March 2017 - Berzerk Servers on fire!

  • Added ability for players to play locally when servers are offline
    • This update affected Berzerk Pals only and was only pushed on and NotDoppler.

v1.03.030 Edit

23rd March 2017 - 1st Birthday Update part II !

  • Yet an another new event map!
    • 9 challenge locations, each is a present from some characters and developers.
    • New Unique Items
  • Steam Hype! (We got greenlit! Work is being done to get the Steam version ready, we'll drop some more info when we get closer to that time :D Current Lachhh-stimate is Mid-May but that can be subject to change as development proceeds :) )

Bug fixes

  • Carl's Birthday Card is now properly applied to Fast Time Travel (you may need to warp at the higher amount to get it to update.)
  • Pastafury and Squid Stone lag has been vastly improved!
  • NotDoppler set to use Berzerk Pals properly now and not GamerSafe.
  • And probably more! (Hurray details!)

v1.03.029 Edit

9th March 2017 - 1st Birthday Update part I !

v1.03.028 Edit

23rd February 2017 - Sudden and Brisk Update!

v1.03.027 Edit

9th February 2017 - Valentine's Day

v1.03.026 Edit

2nd February 2017 - Groundhog Day

  • Added a bunch of new items and recipes
  • Fixed an issue with spectral scimitars not adding their bonuses
  • Fixed an issue where some event items didn't show up in the item dump
  • Fixed the arcane forge not updating item counts
  • Skip 4h Devil Deal has now been added to the list while a Devil Deal is already active.
  • -So if you have a x4 Skull Bonus, x2 Damage, etc - it will now have a chance to roll for Skip * 4h crafting if you are crafting an item.
  • Items that discount monster cost should be working properly now
  • Few new achievements
  • Other small tweaks and fixes

v1.03.025 Edit

19th January 2017 - Arcane Madness Reloaded!

v1.03.024 Edit

23rd December 2016 - Christmas Update part II !

  • 1 new item in the Xmas shop
  • 3 new challenges in the Xmas world
  • 2 new xmas recipes in Forge
  • Most Xmas deals have now doubled effect (time is not affected):
    • skull boost x8 (instead of x4)
    • +10 Diamond Diamonds (instead of +5)
    • +20 Diamond Diamonds by Lachhh (instead of +10)
    • -6 House to destroy per difficulty (instead of -5)
    • skip 8 hours of crafting time (instead of 4)
    • Attack bonus x4 (instead x2)
    • Blue chest (instead of Red chest)
    • Offline skull bonus is the same
  • Small tweaks and bug fixes
  • Bezerk Pals is now default login for and NotDoppler.

v1.03.023 Edit

8th December 2016 - Christmas Update part I !

v1.03.022 Edit

25th November 2016 - Thanksgiving Update!

  • New Thanksgiving challenge in W1.
  • Halloween Ancient portal has been closed. Christmas Ancient Portal has taken its place.
  • Halloween event items are now available in the Item Dump
  • Tapping now skips the dropping orbs animation.
  • Fixed LOTS of bugs and issues causing lag
    • Meteor animations.
    • Meteor animations stacking up when on another screen.
    • Engine optimizations and leaks with sound assets (even if muted).
    • Some minor garbage collector optimizations with the data layer.
    • Monster renderer fixes.
    • Fixed leaking components with animations when actor is destroyed.
    • Optimized skull bonus textures slightly.
    • Optimized wizard orb animations.
    • Fixed minor skull collection bugs when on other screens.
    • Small optimizations on our rendering engine data layer.

v1.03.021 Edit

11th November 2016 - Kingdom Domination Extended!

v1.03.020 Edit

28th October 2016 - Halloween Update part II !

v1.03.018 Edit

13th October 2016 - Halloween Update part I !

  • The ancient portal is now active! Use it to go to the new Halloween world.
  • Bob and the gang all have costumes based on your suggestions!
  • The Halloween world scales in difficulty based on your progress.
  • Three new challenges and Halloween-themed items.
  • Minor bug fixes and balancing tweaks.

v1.03.017 Edit

28th September 2016

v1.03.016 Edit

15th September 2016 - Catch'em all!

v1.03.014 Edit

1st September 2016

v1.03.013 Edit

8th August 2016 - Arcane Madness!

v1.03.012 Edit

22nd July 2016

v1.03.011 Edit

7th July 2016

  • New option menu
  • Added graphical options
  • Added Farm Mode

v1.03.010 Edit

25th June 2016 - Arcane Madness - The beginning!

  • Find the arcane printer to can craft new powerful items!
  • New items: Shards (each multiplies either skulls or dps by 2. Stacks multiplicatively!)
  • Chest can be created in Arcane Lab

v1.03.008 Edit

25th June 2016

  • A new devil deal!
  • The map shows the furthest you’ve ever progressed
  • Active skills are now paused while bosses are dying
  • Max level of all hell buildings have been increased to 5!

v1.03.005 Edit

18th May 2016

  • New events at the end of each kingdom
  • New star Item starting in World 2

v1.03.000 Edit

4th May 2016 - Kingdom Domination!

  • Brand new worlds (Talar Country and Malgar Realm)
  • Access other regions and further spread your domination over meaner good guys

v1.02.003 Edit

3rd April 2016

  • You can now purhase a bunch of levels at the same time
  • You will now progress and gather broken orbs while offline
  • You can now take selfies with a SelfPhone
  • Intruduced the Item Dump, a shop for unique items, that have been missed during events.

v1.01.007 Edit

22nd March 2016 - Easter Update!

v1.01.000 Edit

17th March 2016

  • You can now use the devil deals to boost the production of your buildings in Hell
  • Game is translated in Russian, Polish, Danish, Dutch and Norvegian.

Version 0 Edit

v0.92.005 Edit

10th February 2016

  • If add fall you can now retry it so you don't lose your item

v0.92.000 Edit

11th January 2016

  • Hell has been revamped! Buildings can go up to level 4
  • In hell, the shrine bonus has been greatlich improved
  • The current last village goes up to 999
  • Bunch of cool stuff and tweaks

v0.91.000 Edit

7th December 2015

  • When pops an error the lady give you the reward anyway
  • Memory leak fixed
  • A little timer below Hell’s button

v0.90.000 Edit

30th November 2015

v0.80.003 Edit

5th November 2015

  • Performance boost
  • Unclaimed scroll transform into notification after a while

v0.77.001 Edit

8th August 2015

v0.75.000 Edit

15th July 2015

  • New Interface
  • Fix Bugs (100%+100% is not 400%)

v0.72.000 Edit

3rd July 2015

  • Fix over 50 bugs (thanks to Feedback)
  • Minimize the UIs

v0.61.000 Edit

19th June 2015

  • First version of the game