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Title screens Edit

Version 1Edit

v1.03.030 Edit

23th March 2017 - 1st Birthday Update Part Two!

  • Yet an another new event map!
    • 9 challenge locations, each is a present from some characters and developers.
    • New Unique Items
  • Bug fixes:
    • Carl's Birthday Card is now properly applied to Fast Time Travel (you may need to warp at the higher amount to get it to update.)
    • Pastafury and Squid Stone lag has been vastly improved!
    • NotDoppler set to use Berzerk Pals properly now and not GamerSafe.
    • And probably more! (Hurray details!)
  • Steam Hype! (We got greenlit! Work is being done to get the Steam version ready, we'll drop some more info when we get closer to that time :D Current Lachhh-stimate is Mid-May but that can be subject to change as development proceeds :) )

v1.03.029 Edit

9th March 2017 - 1st Birthday Update!

v1.03.028 Edit

23th February 2017 - Sudden and Brisk Update!

v1.03.027 Edit

9th February 2017 - Valentine's Day

v1.03.026 Edit

2nd February 2017 - Groundhog Day

  • Added a bunch of new items and recipes
  • Fixed an issue with spectral scimitars not adding their bonuses
  • Fixed an issue where some event items didn't show up in the item dump
  • Fixed the arcane forge not updating item counts
  • Skip 4h Devil Deal has now been added to the list while a Devil Deal is already active.
  • -So if you have a x4 Skull Bonus, x2 Damage, etc - it will now have a chance to roll for Skip * 4h crafting if you are crafting an item.
  • Items that discount monster cost should be working properly now
  • Few new achievements
  • Other small tweaks and fixes

v1.03.025 Edit

19th January 2017 - Arcane Madness Reloaded!

v1.03.024 Edit

23th December 2016 - Christmas Update part II !

  • 1 new item in the Xmas shop
  • 3 new challenges in the Xmas world
  • 2 new xmas recipes in Forge
  • Most Xmas deals have now doubled effect (time is not affected):
    • skull boost x8 (instead of x4)
    • +10 Diamond Diamonds (instead of +5)
    • +20 Diamond Diamonds by Lachhh (instead of +10)
    • -6 House to destroy per difficulty (instead of -5)
    • skip 8 hours of crafting time (instead of 4)
    • Attack bonus x4 (instead x2)
    • Blue chest (instead of Red chest)
    • Offline skull bonus is the same
  • Small tweaks and bug fixes
  • Bezerk Pals is now default login for and NotDoppler.

v1.03.023 Edit

8th December 2016 - Christmas Update part I !

v1.03.022 Edit

25th November 2016 - Thanksgiving Update!

  • New Thanksgiving challenge in W1.
  • Halloween Ancient portal has been closed. Christmas Ancient Portal has taken its place.
  • Halloween event items are now available in the Item Dump
  • Tapping now skips the dropping orbs animation.
  • Fixed LOTS of bugs and issues causing lag
    • Meteor animations.
    • Meteor animations stacking up when on another screen.
    • Engine optimizations and leaks with sound assets (even if muted).
    • Some minor garbage collector optimizations with the data layer.
    • Monster renderer fixes.
    • Fixed leaking components with animations when actor is destroyed.
    • Optimized skull bonus textures slightly.
    • Optimized wizard orb animations.
    • Fixed minor skull collection bugs when on other screens.
    • Small optimizations on our rendering engine data layer.

v1.03.021 Edit

11th November 2016 - Kingdom Domination Extended!

v1.03.020 Edit

28th October 2016 - Halloween Update part II !

v1.03.018 Edit

13th October 2016 - Halloween Update part I !

  • The ancient portal is now active! Use it to go to the new Halloween world.
  • Bob and the gang all have costumes based on your suggestions!
  • The Halloween world scales in difficulty based on your progress.
  • Three new challenges and Halloween-themed items.
  • Minor bug fixes and balancing tweaks.

v1.03.017 Edit

28th September 2016

v1.03.016 Edit

15th September 2016 - Catch'em all!

v1.03.014 Edit

1st September 2016

v1.03.013 Edit

8th August 2016 - Arcane Madness!

v1.03.012 Edit

22nd July 2016

v1.03.011 Edit

7th July 2016

  • New option menu
  • Added graphical options
  • Added Farm Mode

v1.03.010 Edit

25th June 2016 - Arcane Madness - The beginning!

  • Find the arcane printer to can craft new powerful items!
  • New items: Shards (each multiplies either skulls or dps by 2. Stacks multiplicatively!)
  • Chest can be created in Arcane Lab

v1.03.008 Edit

25th June 2016

  • A new devil deal!
  • The map shows the furthest you’ve ever progressed
  • Active skills are now paused while bosses are dying
  • Max level of all hell buildings have been increased to 5!

v1.03.005 Edit

18th May 2016

  • New events at the end of each kingdom
  • New star Item starting in World 2

v1.03.000 Edit

4th May 2016 - Kingdom Domination!

  • Brand new worlds (Talar Country and Malgar Realm)
  • Access other regions and further spread your domination over meaner good guys

v1.02.003 Edit

3rd April 2016

  • You can now purhase a bunch of levels at the same time
  • You will now progress and gather broken orbs while offline
  • You can now take selfies with a SelfPhone
  • Intruduced the Item Dump, a shop for unique items, that have been missed during events.

v1.01.007 Edit

22nd March 2016 - Easter Update!

v1.01.000 Edit

17th March 2016

  • You can now use the devil deals to boost the production of your buildings in Hell
  • Game is translated in Russian, Polish, Danish, Dutch and Norvegian.

Version 0 Edit

v0.92.005 Edit

10th February 2016

  • If add fall you can now retry it so you don't lose your item

v0.92.000 Edit

11th January 2016

  • Hell has been revamped! Buildings can go up to level 4
  • In hell, the shrine bonus has been greatlich improved
  • The current last village goes up to 999
  • Bunch of cool stuff and tweaks

v0.91.000 Edit

7th December 2015

  • When pops an error the lady give you the reward anyway
  • Memory leak fixed
  • A little timer below Hell’s button

v0.90.000 Edit

30th November 2015

v0.80.003 Edit

5th November 2015

  • Performance boost
  • Unclaimed scroll transform into notification after a while

v0.77.001 Edit

8th August 2015

v0.75.000 Edit

15th July 2015

  • New Interface
  • Fix Bugs (100%+100% is not 400%)

v0.72.000 Edit

3rd July 2015

  • Fix over 50 bugs (thanks to Feedback)
  • Minimize the UIs

v0.61.000 Edit

19th June 2015

  • First version of the game

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