Gumdalf is a wizard boss featured in Day Off At Burrito's event. He also appears in Burrito Bison Laucha Libre.

Gumdalf used to protect chests from Launchadores in Candyland, but later he figured out how to use the power of White Orb White Orbs against Bob. Now Gumdalf and Brutus try to use their power to stop Bob from destroying their land.

After being defeated, this boss will drop 250 Jelly Bean Jelly Beans multiplied by candy multiplier. Gumdalf is a dynamic boss, which means that his level will increase by 10 after resetting timeline in which he was defeated.

Burrito Bison Laucha Libre Edit

Launchalibre assets 0084

Burrito Bison flying on the chest key

Gumdalf is special gummy which give some extra boost and money to the lauchadores.

When getting hit player start to fly on giant key that is for chest that Gumdalf is flying on. Player has to tap to raise up for to reach the chest 3 times in a row, after that players get a boost of speed and velocity, and money reward.

Trivia Edit

  • Name Gumdalf is a reference to Gandalf
  • Unlike other wizards, he does not have own realm and doesn't drop black orb.