Harry Bow Tie is an event boss featured in Day Off At Burrito's event. Everything on him is green like the huge lollipop he is fighting with.

This unfriendly gummie is the first opponent in ring in Burrito Bison Laucha Libre.

After being defeated, this boss will drop Juicy Blue Candy Lollipop Juicy Blue Candy. Harry Bow Tie can only be defeated once.

Burrito Bison Laucha Libre Edit

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Harry Bow Tie is the weakest opponent in Burrito Bison. He has also the smallest reward.

He shouts at the launcha libres at a high chair with a megaphone. He doesn't move which make him a simple target. The launchas do extra damage if they hit him while he is screaming.


  • His name is a based on the green bow tie he always wears