Lieutenant Jel E. Boom is a special gummy featured in Day Off At Burrito's event. This grizzled veteran gummy also appears in Burrito Bison Laucha Libre.

After being defeated, this boss will drop Juicy Purple Candy Lollipop Juicy Purple Candy. Lt Jel E. Boom can only be defeated once at his Bob's Challenge. He also appears as boss that blocking location progress.

Burrito Bison Laucha Libre Edit

Launchalibre assets 0078
Lieutenant Jel E. Boom is special gummy which give some extra boost to the lauchadores.

His effect is inpired by bouncing between barrels in Donkey Kong. The player has to tap when the barrel is pointed almost directly at the next one to be shot into the next barrel. If you successfully reach the golden barrel, the player will get an even bigger boost of speed.