Marc-Antoine Jean is an artist and one of the three co-founder of Berzerk Studio.The other co-founder are Lachhh and BerzerkEJ.

"If the idea of mixing gasoline, beef jerky and a Rambo movie all together in a single video game does not appeal to you, then you may have accidentally wandered to the wrong place... I suggest you leave this page and go back to whatever boring, girly website you just came from. On the other hand, if you think it's about time someone finally gets his ass in gear to create such a thing, welcome aboard!" Marc about himself.

About Edit

Marc is currently working on bloody muscles.

Trivia Edit

  • Marc appered in zombidle in the first anniversary event
  • Marc had made Kojaks Icon
  • "Don't get me wrong here, I like the little guy, I just think he needs a haircut and a real job. You could also follow his blog as well. He's a coder so I don't think he's got too many friends, that ought to cheer him up." Marc about Lachhh

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