The Mystery Feathers is an event which started on 22nd June 2017 and ended on 20th/21st July 2017. The Black Lich asked Bob to gather some mysterious feathers for him in exchange for special items.

This event has no special challenges.

Feather Currency Edit

Mystery Feather

Strange feathers are showing up all over the place. Let's burn them!

During the event, players can collect Mystery Feather which are additional currency in the game.

The feathers are dropped randomly from destroyed buildings. This applies to every house in all kingdoms. The drop rate is affected by the amount of feathers the player has collected and the time till the end of the event. This mechanic was implemented to help every player reach their goal even if they access the event later than the others. For a more thorough explanation of this mechanic see Mechanics of the events.

Feather Store Edit

Lich Shop

Hey, bring me any feathers you find. They're a magic I've not seen before, I might be able to make cool stuff. If nothing else, they burn really pretty!

The Black Lich Quotes Edit

  • Are we burning them in other dimensions?
  • More research is needed...
  • They seem so familiar...
  • Can you get more?
  • They burn pretty colours!
  • I need more samples
  • They behave weird around tablets...

Purchasable items Edit

Name Image Price Effect
Fast Time Travel
FTT Mystery Feather
Obtain an number of orbs
Stone Tablet
Stone Tablet Mystery Feather
Add 1% / 1.5% / 3% to total DPS per white orb
Power Cube Piece
Power Cube Piece Mystery Feather
Add 15% to total DPS per white orb
Chaos Crest
Chaos crest Mystery Feather
Add 1 to UNCOMMON boss drops
Ceremonial Dagger Ceremonial Dagger Mystery Feather
Add 10% to White Orb Drop
Star of Deathness Star of Deathness Mystery Feather
Add 25% to White Orb Drop

Trivia Edit

  • Event was to include not only high level players who can reach the new worlds, but also low level players so that everyone could celebrate the new update.