Orb Crystal is a shard item that multiplies orb drop values by 6.


Orb Crystal is a white colored shard, there is orb inside it. It a bit tougher look than regular Orb Shard. Don't stare directly at the crystal.

Orb Crystal is an item that increases white orb drop and is similar in effect to Orb Shard Orb Shard and Orb Splinter Orb Splinter. Other means of increasing orb drops are Chaos crest Chaos Crests, Chaos gem Chaos Gems and other unique items, Shards and Death Medals.

Orb Crystal is a shard item and doesn't have any other rarity and it has no star rating.

Acquisition Edit

Orb Crystal can be crafted in the Forge.

Crafting Recipes Edit

Recipes for Orb Crystal
Item Description Ingredients Time
Orb Crystal
Orb Crystal
Multiplies your orb drop by 6. Stacks multiplicatively Orb Shard
Orb Shard
Orb Shard
Orb Shard
Ectoplasm Prism
2 days