The Power Necklace is a unique item that was introduced in the "Kingdom Domination Extended!" update.

Properties Edit

The Power Necklace is a red necklace with a big red gem in it.

This item increases critical hit damage by 100%; the only other item that changes critical hits is the Magic Dagger. The item is similar to the Swarm of Bats' passive skill "NANANANANANA" which adds 10% crit hit, and The Big Plague's active skill "Blackest of Plagues" which adds 50% crit hit for 120 seconds. If Blackest of Plagues and Son of The Lich (The Black Lich) are both active you have 100% crit hit.

The Power Necklace is a unique item and has neither any other rarity nor star rating.

Acquisition Edit

The Power Necklace can be obtained only once from a Challenge.

Name Difficulty range Reward
Map Challange Talar Country
Challenge I
651-665 Item Power Necklace
Power Necklace
Increase critical hit damage by 100%

Trivia Edit