Recon Site is the sixth kingdom. The only way to enter Recon Site is using the Frantic Frigate with the Golden Compass.
Recon Site villager

Kingdom seems to be colonized by aliens, architecture is inspired by western farms (alien movies).

Whole country is heavily focused on farming and agriculture. In center of kingdom there is crashed spacecraft.

World Overview Edit

  • Locations: 11
  • Total difficulty range: 2801-4000 (King: 4006-4025, Wizard: 4051)
  • Difficulty spread: 1200/1225/1251
  • Total number of levels: 1450
  • Levels occur 1 or 2 times each
  • Chests: 3
  • Challenges: 1
  • Time Portals: x7
  • Base Orbs Formula: [(Boss Level / 5) - 10] x 3

Map Edit

Recon Site map

Locations Edit

Exactly half of every normal location must be destroyed to unlock connected locations.

Name Difficulty range Unlocked by
Lakeside Farmlands 2801-2850 Starting location
New Farmshire 2851-2900
Secret Chest - The Xeno
(6xStar Blue Chest)
West Woodlands 2901-2950
Western Garrison 2901-3000
West Lumberdale 2951-3050
Hightower Pass 3001-3150
Time Portal (x7) Complete difficulty 3075 in Hightower Pass
Northern Walk 3051-3150
Secret Chest - The Hunter
(6xStar Blue Chest)
South Lumberdale 3151-3300
Vantage Point 3301-3550
Summer Road 3551-3800
Secret Chest - The Hunter
(6xStar Blue Chest)
Hightower Keep 3801-4000
The Kingtoid (7xStar Blue Chest) 4006-4025 Complete difficulty 3675 Summer Road

Challenges Edit

Name Difficulty range Reward
Durahell Bunny Boss icon Challenge 3001 Durahell Battery
Durahell Battery
Adds a battery to the fifth craft slot

Enemies Edit

Alien Army Edit

The Alien army is based on three troops with orange, bright and dark uniform. Armed with electric spears.

They are obstacle and trying to stop Bob to progress the area. They are always accompany by a wizard.

Recon Site army1 Recon Site army2 Recon Site army3

Bosses Edit

Name Image Function Description
The Wizard Boss Wizard6 Guarding each boss stage He is always guarding and after timer is run out he resets boss health. After beating each area you can defeat him at last time portal.
The Xeno Boss The Xeno Guarding blue chest
(6 Stars)
Don't let his tongue to bite you.
The Hunter Boss The Hunter Guarding blue chest
(6 Stars)
He is very skilled hunter from outer space.
Red Shirt Boss Red Shirt Guarding blue chest
(6 Stars)
One of the security officers who guarding chest from intruders. It is his first day.
The Kingtoid King Recon Site Final boss at King Challenge King and ruler of Recon Site


  • Kingdom was inspired by the game XCOM or retro alien movies, for example "Attack of Martians".
  • The Xeno and The Hunter boss are reference to movie franchise Alien and Predator, which are set in same universe.
  • Red Shirt boss is reference to Star Trek characters that die in the series.