"Dolla dolla bill, yall, Red Knight making raaaaain." - Bob The Necromancer

The Red Knight is one of Bob's minions that appears in the game. It appears after the Giant Zombie and before the Blue Specter.

It is demon who wears heavy red armor and uses it sword against it foes. Red Knight has surgery practices and works at Surgery Lab.

.... - - .--. ... ---... -..-. -..-. . -. .-.-.- .-- .. -.- .. .--. . -.. .. .- .-.-.- --- .-. --. -..-. .-- .. -.- .. -..-. .-.. ..- -- -... . .-. .--- .- -.-. -.-

To have access to the Red Knight you need to have the Giant Zombie at least at level one.


There are some items in the game that influence on Red Knight's abilities.

This Item that references but not affects Red Knight's abilities.


Name Cost Level Effect Duration Cooldown
CD RD Tbta O EoTS BI D BS BK C I MoB SD Eye of The Storm 10,000 10 Add 25% to Red Knight DPS
Lightning Reflexes Lightning Reflexes 20,000 25 Add 50% skull's value for 60 seconds (skill #2; Pillage and Plunder) 1 minute 10 minutes
DBP PaP SR LM Pillage and Plunder 100,000 50 Add 50% to Red Knight DPS
VS P FDH AH Viking Savagery 1M 100 Add 2% to Red Knight DPS for each level

Quote Edit

List of sentences when you level up Red Knight:

  • Forest walk with me
  • Show me what you've got
  • Sometimes, dogs are brown.

This list of sentences is used by Red Knight at Egg Store:

  • Black orb. Don't awaken.
  • Did you know? Dogs can talk!
  • The anarchy counts over a dragon.
  • The bunny lost his eggs...
  • Did you like my present?
  • He's a cute bunny

This list of sentences is used at Surgery:

  • If you find any good organs, I can give you some.... upgrades
  • ...and that's how I lost medical license!
  • Tell the zombies to stop eating all my brains. They're expensive.
  • It makes things much easier if your patient can't die
  • Man, remember when I had white armor? Fun times... ok now hold still
  • The leg bone is connected to the... the... hold on, let me check something.
  • Carl is the only one I use to chisel on, right?
  • In for a tune-up?
  • Uh... ooops. Hng on, don't worry, I can fix it.
  • Oh wow, your brain really is full of spiders!
  • Are these.... termites? Luckily I know a dentist.
  • Hah, this isn't your heart. It's a tomato!
  • Does something smell like garlic in here to you?
  • Oh, you have some socks in your heart, let me get that for you.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Red Knight gender is a mystery.
  • The design of the Red Knight is inspired by vikings.
  • Halloween 2016 Red Knight was dressed as a casual Business Man.
  • According to Twitch Plays Zombidle, the red knight is male, but developers refer to him as she. Then afterwards they change their minds.
  • The Red Knight likes stuff.
  • The Red Knight opened Egg Store during Easter Event 2017, because she/he wanted to help bunny to collect his eggs.
  • Surgery quotes are referencing to various media such as: Dr.Seuss's "Grinch" and "Meet The Medic" from Team Fortress 2.