The Sack of Skulls is unique item added alongside the Fireaxe of Fire in the v1.03.038 update.


The Sack of Skulls is a sack with a skull on it. It is owned by a Thief who has been raiding villages and taking their Skulls.

The Sack of Skulls starts the player out with 1000 Skulls after using a Time Portal. Before implementation, Kojak said during a stream it would give the player 500 Skulls.


The Sack of Skulls is obtainable by completing the second Challenge in the first world, Amero Kingdom.

Boss Location Difficulty range Reward
Map Thief
The Thief
Amero Kingdom
Challenge II
50 Sack of Skulls
Sack of Skulls
Get 1000 starting Skulls when using a Time Portal