"Hey Sweet. I got a deal for you!" - Succubus

Scrolls are an item dropped alongside skulls when a building is destroyed. They do not detract from the number of skulls dropped. They resemble a parchment rolled into a cylinder.

Scrolls can be activated by clicking them. If they are not activated within about 10 seconds, they are removed from the battle and added to a notification box in the top left of the screen adjacent to the options menu. Clicking on this notification also activates the scroll.


Once activated, a scroll will trigger an Advertisement / Reward Screen. The player can choose whether or not to play the advert for the stated reward. If the player chooses to watch the advert, they will need to watch for ~15 seconds (time may vary depending on your site of choice) before being able to exit and resume playing the game.

Scrolls spawn according to a cool-down period from the last time a scroll was activated. This is usually 10 minutes. If a scroll is activated but the player does not exit the advert, another scroll may have been collected before the first reward is received. Two scroll rewards cannot be active at the same time.

Devil DealEdit

Devil Deal Lady
Rewards are usually dropped in the form of an unrolled scroll. These resemble a parchment that has been unrolled. The unrolled scroll can be activated immediately by clicking on it. It will automatically activate after about 30 seconds if not clicked on. Durational rewards (extra damage or skull bonuses) show a countdown timer and a fiery pentagram on the ground below buildings when active.

pentagram that is seen while scroll bonus is active

Special reward scrolls do not lead to an advertisement, but a message from the game developer thanking the player for their support. These are attached to a 10x Diamond reward, and are acquired randomly after activating several regular reward scrolls.

Skull and Damage bonuses are cumulative with learned abilities such as Pillage and Plunder, but cannot be used with purchased bonuses such as Skullquistador.

Devil Deal reward can be boosted with Hell building Chaos Resort.

Rewards Edit

Scroll Reward Duration Cooldown Notes
Scroll Skull 5x Attack Bonus x2 60 Seconds 10 Minutes More chances if you failed to beat a boss ("Fight Boss" button below).
Scroll Skull 5x Skull Bonus x4 5 Minutes 10 Minutes
Scroll Diamonds 5x Diamonds Instant 5 Minutes
Scroll Skull 10x 10x Diamonds Instant 10 Minutes Message from game developer Lachhh.
Scroll Skull 5x -5 House to destroy per difficulty 5 Minutes 10 Minutes If your DPS > Building's HP and Farm Mode is disabled.
Blue Chest Blue Chest Instant 5 Minutes Star level of chests depend on how high the level of difficulty the player has ever reached in the game, for instance, +/- level 500: chests become 3 star chests.
Valentine Shop map Skip 4 hours of crafting time Instant 10 Minutes Must have Forge.
Valentine Shop map Skulls x2 Instant Only available after being offline for ~6 hours

Note: Does not include Chaos Resort bonus.


  • A message from Corporate Lachhh will also appear early in the game regarding sharing Zombidle on Facebook for a reward. If you attempt to click "No" the button falls off the screen, leaving you forced to click "Yes". Upon clicking, regular Lachhh will come in and beat up Corporate Lachhh, making note how games should not spam the user to share the game, at which point he will give you that reward for free. This only happens once.
  • First scroll is a tutorial only one and that particular bonus does not appear in game again: Skull's Value x5 for 15 seconds.

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