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"I am the specter genie. Reply to this mail with a secret code and I grant you with awesome sauce. ...As in, rewards. Not... the other thing."


Enter the codes below in your SelfPhone's Mail application. If you do not yet have the SelfPhone, you cannot make use of these codes.

New codes will appear nearly everyday, so be sure to check this page often!

These codes are not redeemable if you play on a local save; you must be using a cloud save.


Where can you find these codes?

  • in the title of the Twitch streams;
  • on the Zombidle Discord;
  • in the announcement posts on Reddit;
  • in the comment section of this page;
  • somewhere else or anywhere...

When are these streams?

Whenever a stream is on, a notification in the top-left corner of the game screen appears.

The following times are general guidelines, NOT GUARANTEES. If other commitments conflict, the stream WON'T necessarily HAPPEN.

  • Kojak's Twitch - on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12-2pm EST (4-6pm UTC). Sometimes...
  • Lachhh's Twitch - on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am PST (6pm UTC). Currently not streaming to focus time and effort on Just Shapes & Beats.
  • Berzerk Podcast - every second Friday probably the next Friday after the release of updates.

Code doesn't work?

Generally the codes work up to 7 hours after the stream starts and then they are outdate and unusable.
Check page frequently to get codes as soon as they're posted so you don't miss out.

Mostly Working Codes

Active Genie Codes.

Permanent Codes

Permanent codes are hidden under the spoiler below. Click on "Show" link to see this list.

Permanent Codes
Code Reward Date Added (Year-Month-Day)
Test 1 Diamond Diamond 2017-03-09
LarklenIsTheBest 20 Diamond Diamonds 2017-03-09
LachhhCorp 25 Diamond Diamonds 2017-03-09
EarsplittingLyingParrot 25 Diamond Diamonds 2017-03-10
WereYouExpectingSomeoneElse 25 Diamond Diamonds 2017-05-31
ItHurtsWhenIPoo 25 Diamond Diamonds 2017-06-23
GPV247 25 Diamond Diamonds 2017-07-13
IReadTheSteamFAQ 10 Diamond Diamonds 2018-02-14

Badge Codes

Useful codes for players with platform limitations.

Badge Codes
Code Reward Date Added (Year-Month-Day)
IHaveNoWebAndIMustBadge 1 Web Badge Web Badge 2017-11-14
IHaveNoMobileAndIMustBadge 1 Mobile Badge Mobile Badge 2018-02-07
IHaveNoSteamAndIMustBadge 1 Steam Badge Steam Badge 2018-07-09

Temporary Codes

Latest codes - most only work for less than 2 days.

Temporary Codes
Code Reward Date Added (Year-Month-Day)
WholesaleTangyDog 25 Diamond Diamonds 2018-10-04
JudiciousShinySeahorse 25 Diamond Diamonds 2018-10-10
UnnaturalSaltyHorse 25 Diamond Diamonds 2018-10-10
MeanGuardedBird 25 Diamond Diamonds 2018-10-11
YouGuysAreTheBest 50 Diamond Diamonds 2018-10-11
DontEatTheOrgans 50 Diamond Diamonds 2018-10-12
JustShapesAndShirobon 50 Diamond Diamonds 2018-10-12
LachhhLovesShirobon 50 Diamond Diamonds 2018-10-18

Expired Codes

List of expired codes is available here.