The steam version of Zombidle has many steam achievements but those achievements are not so usual. You have to do some weird stuff to get them! For all you achievement hunters out there, below is the list of current Steam Achievements, and how to earn them.

* = Not Confirmed Yet

  Achievement Name Description How To Unlock Requirements of Completion Earliest Completion Level
A dark secret
A dark secret But what is it? Unlock The Black Lich Purchase Black Lich for 5,000,000 Skull Skulls (Base Cost) Any
Adam West Award
Adam West Award Batman's eternal torment Unlock the Swarm of Bats Purchase the Swarm of Bats for 500,000 Skull Skulls (Base Cost) Any
Bob your mucus
Bob, your mucus Mother puss bucket Craft an Ectoplasm Prism Use 3 Villager Ghosts to forge an Ectoplasm , 3 Ectoplasms to forge an Ectoplasm Ball, 3 Ectoplasm Balls to forge an Ectoplasm Cube , and 3 Ectoplasm Cubes to forge an Ectoplasm Prism. You will need a total of 81 Villager Ghosts. (Click Here for more info) 500
Braaains In theory this is the first achievement you've unlocked Unlock the Zombie Horde Purchase the Zombie Horde for 50 Skull Skulls (Base Cost) Any
BRAAAINS Bigger IS better Unlock the Giant Zombie Purchase the Giant Zombie for 500 Skull Skulls (Base Cost) Any
Brap brap brap
Brap brap brap How much armor do you really need against poor farmers anyway? Build the Armageddon Armory Obtain 25 Diamond Diamonds and begin construction of the Armageddon Armory in Hell. When the construction is complete you will have completed the achievement. Any
Damned fine cup of coffee
Damned fine cup of coffee Have you ever walked off a bus in a full three piece suit and headed straight for the woods? They have. Unlock the Red Knight Purchase the Red Knight for 5,000 Skull Skulls (Base Cost) Any
Dark or White Chocolate
Dark or White Chocolate? Either way, you're a bit late for it buddy Convince the Dev to buy more chocolates for his wife. In the Store, try purchasing the Ludicrous Pack. Ensure that when speaking with the Dev, you continue the long conversation. At the end of it you will earn 5 Diamond Diamonds, and the achievement. Any
Forged by with and pure evil
Forged by, with, and for pure evil Think of it like when you do your Lipton chicken and noodle soup with only two cups of water instead of four, but with evil instead of salt. Unlock Carl the Monolith Purchase the Carl the Monolith for 1Q2 Skull Skulls (Base Cost) Any
Four thousand more years
Four thousand more years Nobody is as good as he is at doing what he does, nobody. Unlock The Tomb King Purchase The Tomb King for 50,000,000,000,000 (50T) Skull Skulls (Base Cost) Any
Gandalfcide He was indeed a conjuror of cheap tricks Defeat Talar Country's Black Wizard (Kingdom 3) Clear all levels in the Talar Country and then proceed through the final Time Portal. You will then have to do 3.05e57 damage in 2 minutes (Level 1051). (Click Here for more info.) 1051
Got 49 problems but a shard aint one
Got 49 problems but a shard ain't one Ain't no thang but a magic w... wand Craft a shard or a chest for at least 50% of your available white orbs. To get this achievement, simply purchase a chest or a shard in the Arcane Laboratory for at least 50% of orbs you currently have. Do this final transaction and loose your soul. E3P Evil 3D Printer is required to unlock the Arcane Laboratory. 351
Ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha I'm laughin straight to the bank with this Build the Corporate Bank of Capitalism Obtain 40 Diamond Diamonds and begin construction of the Corporate Bank of Capitalism in Hell . When the construction is complete you will have completed the achievement.  Any
Harrycide Ur a wizard now Harry Defeat Western Swamp's Black Wizard (Kingdom 4) Clear all levels in the Western Swamp and then proceed through the final Time Portal. You will then have to do 3.405e110 damage in 2 minutes (Level 2051). (Click Here for more info.) 2051
How many hats can a man own
How many hats can a man own!? Five, the answer is five. *Collect 5 Fancy Hats *Once you have unlocked the Frantic Frigate you will have access to the World Map. When viewing the World Map there is a chance that a Golden Chest will start flying across your screen. Click on the Golden Chest and you will be given a Fancy Hat 265
IMONABOAT Everybody look at me cause I'm flyin on a boat Unlock the Frantic Frigate Complete Challenge II in the Amero Kingdom (251-265) 265
It just looks like a fancy fax
It just looks like a fancy fax This is a lot of power we're entrusting you with Obtain the Evil 3D Printer Complete Challenge I in the Malgar Realm (300-315) 315
Its all about me ME
It's all about me, ME Good job you unlocked the Selfone Unlock A SelfPhone Complete Challenge I in Amero Kingdom (151-165) 165
Ive no idea what to do here
I've no idea what to do here But you crafted a thing, I am truely proud of you buddy Craft your first item Obtain the Evil 3D Printer. Then go into Hell and activate the Arcane Laboratory. Then combine any 3 items to craft a new and, most of the time, improved item. 315
Ive seen enough
I've seen enough To know where this is going Unlock the Flying Squid Purchase the Flying Squid for 50,000,000,000 (50B) Skull Skulls (Base Cost) Any
Magicide The act of commiting murder on a wizard Defeat Amero Kingdom's Black Wizard (Kingdom 1) Clear all levels in the Amero Kingdom and then proceed through the final Time Portal. You will then have to do 2.2 O damage in 2 minutes (Level 451). (Click Here for more info.) 451
Merlincide Shop's closed, go see the other wizards Defeat Malgar Realm's Black Wizard (Kingdom 2) Clear all levels in the Malgar Realm and then proceed through the final Time Portal. You will then have to do 1.79 U damage in 2 minutes (Level 651). (Click Here for more info.) 651
Oh the huge vanity
Oh the huge vanity #nofilter Take a selfie Once you have unlocked the SelfPhone you will have access to Selfies. All you have to do is click the Selfies button on your SelfPhone then click the large camera button in the bottom right of your screen. You don't need to download the photo to earn the achievement. 65
Plenty of phish in the sea
Plenty of phish in the sea And nothing of value was lost *Read your Spam Mail *Once you have unlocked the SelfPhone you will have access to Hotter Mail. At random, you may be sent Spam Mail. Once you have opened and deleted the message, you will be awarded the achievement. 65
Progress not perfection
Progress, not perfection Today is a new day for being a new you *Earn bloodstones from The Big Plague's email after reaching a new zone. *Once you have unlocked the SelfPhone you will have access to Hotter Mail. When you reach for the first time a new zone, The Big Plauge will send

you a mail. Once you have opened it and taken the bloodstones, you will be awarded the achievement.

Really Hot Mail
Really Hot Mail If you get this joke, you are pretty old Redeem 25 codes per Mail Redeem 25 codes given by the Developers while streaming on Twitch, check the Spectre Genie Code page for the most up to date codes and the Twitch stream schedules. *
Shaqcide Boomshaqalaka Defeat Death Volcano's Black Wizard (Kingdom 5) Clear all levels in the Death Volcano and then proceed through the final Time Portal. You will then have to do 4.524e165 damage in 2 minutes (Level 3051). (Click Here for more info.) 3051
Bob Steam achiv six six six SIX, SIX, SIX, THE NUMBER OF THE BOB Autoclicker detected, deleting game Clear level 666 or higher with only Bob The Necromancer and no other Minions. You need to do ~2.5 U damage (level 666) with only Bob The Necromancer. If you purchase any other Minions, you will not be awarded the achievement. You must have Talar Country unlocked, as it is the first world with level 666. You can still obtain this achievement if you have the Empty Turtle Shell as long as Carl stays at level 1. 666
Taking Sides I understand why you did this, he's just so adorkable Have Carl the Monolith's level above The Black Lich's level. You will need enough  Skull Skulls to purchase at least one level for the all Minions but, leave The Black Lich at level 1. Then Purchase 2 levels for Carl the Monolith. Any
This is a T rated game
This is a T rated game The shower is made out of gold, how else were we supposed to convey this Build the Golden Shower of Deathness Obtain 25 Diamond Diamonds and begin the construction of the Golden Shower of Deathness in the Hell. The achievement will be awarded when the construction is completed. Any
tnemeveihcA emit tsrif eht rof latrop emit a desU Use a Time Portal for the first time Clear levels 1-70 in the Amero Kingdom to unlock the first Time Portal. Click the Time Portal level and click on "Use Time Portal". 70
Who cares about you Lachhh
Who cares about you Lachhh We do. *Get a 10 diamonds Lachhh scroll! Accept a couple of Devil Deals Any
Who you gonna call
Who you gonna call? This is a reference to the original movies, not the 2016 sequel Obtain the 1984 Spectral Vacuum Complete Challenge VI in the Malgar Realm (451-500) 500
Youve got mail
You've got mail Bro, you like, totally got mail. Unlock the Blue Specter Buy all previous minions and buy the Blue Specter for 50,000 Skull Skulls Any
Youve hit rock bottom
You've hit rock bottom You truely have Craft your first Rubbish Dump in the Arcane Laboratory Access to the Arcane Laboratory 315

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