Steam Golem is the second chest keeper in Amero Kingdom.

Steam Golem is made out of metal and humanoid shape of the body. He is next after Stone Golem by level and location. There are other golems for example: Stone Golem and Lava Golem. It is possible that the wizard of Amero Kingdom created this Golem to guard the chest from Bob.

After defeating the boss, player receives a Blue Chest Blue Chest as a reward. The Steam Golem may be defeated only once per timeline.

Achievements Edit

Clear Area II

After defeating the Steam Golem for the first time, player receives an achievement "Clear Area II" which multiplies non-tap monsters' DPS by 1.02.


  • Stone Golem is reference to the creature from jewish foklores Golem.
  • Design may have small inspired from Steampunk.