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Optimal reset period Edit

Most players have come to the agreement that if it takes more than the default 30 seconds to defeat a Boss (after 10/10 of every 5th difficulty) it is wise to reset, in order to benefit from the White Orbs' bonus damage that have been gathered so far. Also, a second condition to allow optimal resetting is to collect the Blue chest from the Rock golem at 101-101 "???" area.

Item Prioritization Edit

Before reading the following, please consult Item Stacking section under Game Mechanics page for a brief explanation on diminishing returns.

The general consensus of which items to prioritize is the following:

  1. Stone Tablet: Grants bonus damage per White Orb. This is your #1 source of damage in the game.
  2. Death Calice: Increases skull value. In other words, increases income (meaning reaching higher damage faster)
  3. Power Potion: Whenever you go AFK, Bob sleeps and your non-tap monsters gain bonus damage.
  4. Specific Monster Item: I.E: Zombie Horde Eye, which increases up to 50% of the monster Zombie Horde's damage. But it is preferable to gather items for your strongest monster(the one you were able to unlock last before reseting).
  5. Power Axe: Raises all non-tap monsters' damage, albeit by a small percentage. Synergizes well with specific monsters' item and Armageddon Armory building from Hell.
  6. Necro Swords and Magic Rings: These are considered low tier items, since idling deals more damage than clicking, and according to the above "Optimal reset period" strategy, it is wise to reset if you are unable to kill the boss in 30 seconds. Prolonging a fight you can't win is a waste of time (Although it is wise to save some of these for the Easter Challenges). However, due to the Forge and item crafting, Magic Rings can quickly rise in priority once sufficient quantities of other items have been acquired, due to the Rings being needed for so many recipes.

Speed Runs for Item Farming Edit

Dependent on the number of orbs and the players damage and skull multiplier, speed may differ, but with a 500x orb damage multiplier and 5x skull modifier, speed runs through the rock golem take ~7 minutes.

For each run, accomplish the following:

  1. Click to defeat the first stage and yield enough skulls to upgrade Bob to level 2 and buy a Zombie Horde.
  2. Wait while Bob sleeps (assuming you have the Power Potions) and upgrade the Zombie Horde to level 50, getting the 5% skull bonus.
  3. Upgrade the Zombie Horde as quickly possible and complete the first 4 areas (through difficulty 70).
  4. Fight the Rock Golem and take the blue chest.
  5. Go through the time portal.
  6. Repeat

This strategy only yields 3-6 orbs per trip, but maximizes item farming for early play. Once level 205 can be completed in under 10 minutes, players should speed run to the second chest and second time portal (yielding ~200 orbs per run and 2 blue chests).

Crafting Edit

Main article: Forge

Must-craft items Edit

  • Power Cube Pieces give more DPS than any 3 Stone Tablet Stone Tablets (3%-9% < 15%). When crafting using 3 uncommon Stone Tablet Stone Tablets the DPS gain per piece is 10.5%, while crafting Power Cube Power Cube would provide increase of 5%. Focusing on crafting Power Cube Pieces is a good strategy for new players to maximize their DPS.
  • Though, at the beginning, due to Power Cube Pieces the damage is really rocketing, the Shards become more powerful in late game with their constant x2 damage / skull's value multiplier. When the price is reasonable, i.e. the damage gain after the shard is crafted is greater than the damage loss and the recovery time of orbs is not too long, the shards should be crafted directly, otherwise only by crafting splinters.
  • Chaos Crests in large quantities provide a significant boost to the orbs gained. Though they might not seem to be, they are more efficient when it comes to the number of orbs gained than Chaos gem Chaos Gems.
  • Pearl Necklaces are essential for faster progress. With 59 necklaces, The Sloth's Form can be used continously, because the cooldown time and the duration of the skill are exactly the same. However every Necklace has a very high cost of 1 Power Cube Power Cube (50% per orb). In order to craft 59 necklaces, a sacrifice of 2950% per orb is necessary, therefore it's highly advised to set a orb's % limit that should not be exceeded.
  • Event items provide tremendous boosts and are worth crafting, but it's always worth considering whether sacrificing one boost for another that might speed up progress currently, will not slow it down eventually.
  • Piggy Bank of Doom is very useful for new players who have troubles starting after time warp, nontheless this item quickly becomes useless.

Speeding up crafting process (Archived) Edit

There is a boost that allows to skip 4 hours of crafting and refreshes 4 hours after use.

If you skip your crafting with diamonds you reset your boost completely. You can craft A Bad Seed or Rubbish that takes only 1 min and skip the crafting with a diamond to get a quick boost reset. 

Thus, the best method is to craft a four star item, and use the free four hour boost, skipping the craft time completely. Then, craft either A Bad Seed or Rubbish, and use a diamond to skip the 1 minute craft time. This will reset the free 4 hour boost timer. You can then repeat this as many times as you want, until you run out of either diamonds or items to craft. This has been patched as of V1.03.25 - skipping a craft with diamonds no longer resets 4 hour boost. 

Productive Skill Refreshment Edit

After many resets, if the DPS is great enough, go directly to Malgar Realm or Talar Country. When it becomes difficult to continue, use the monster's active skills to maximize damage, and while the skills are on cooldown, return to the other Kingdoms to farm the lower difficulty areas for skulls. 

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