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Optimal reset period Edit

Most players have come to the agreement that if it takes more than the default 30 seconds to defeat a Boss (after 10/10 of every 5th difficulty) it is wise to reset, in order to benefit from the White Orbs' bonus damage that have been gathered so far. A good choice to allow optimal resetting is to do so after collecting a Blue Chest, available when your party is at level 101, 201, 276, 326 and THE KING when you can defeat level 425.

Item Prioritization Edit

Before reading the following, please consult Item Stacking section under Game Mechanics page for a brief explanation on diminishing returns.

The general consensus of which items to prioritize is the following:

Chest selection priority
# Item Motivation
1 Stone Tablet Stone Tablet Can be used to craft Power Cube Power Cubes and Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklaces.
2 King's Collar King's Collar Increases DPS of strongest monster. In early game we should gather some less powerful monster items until the point where we can have more than 100 Tomb Kings.
3 Squid's Teddy Bear Squid's Teddy Bear Zombie Horde's Eye Zombie Horde's Eye These two can be combined to make a King's Collar, however the Squid's Teddy Bear can be used to craft Squids Stones and The Zombie Eye for crafting Chaos Crests which are much more powerful options.
4 Death Calice Death Chalice Can be used to craft Death Mason Jar Death Mason Jars and Squid Stone Squid Stones.
5 Power Potion Power Potion Can be used to craft Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklaces and Chaos crest Chaos Crests.
6 Magic Ring Magic Ring Can be used to craft Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklaces and Chaos crest Chaos Crests.
7 Specter's Amethyst Specter's Amethyst Bat's Fancy Pin Bat's Fancy Pin This two are often the most common items to choose from and can be combined to make a King's Collar, recommended in case neither of the above are available to choose from.

Please note, you always need at least two items to forge the hightest tier King's Collar, but two second highest tier Collars would yield more bonus. See Forge#Result Rarity and Tier for details with upgrading items with Ghosts.

Speed Runs for Item Farming Edit

Depending on the number of orbs and the players damage and skull multiplier, speed may differ, but with a 500x orb damage multiplier and 5x skull modifier, speed runs through the Rock Golem takes ~7 minutes.

For each run, accomplish the following:

  1. Click to defeat the first stage and yield enough skulls to upgrade Bob to level 2 and buy a Zombie Horde.
  2. Wait while Bob sleeps (assuming you have the Power Potions) and upgrade the Zombie Horde to level 50, getting the 5% skull bonus.
  3. Upgrade the Zombie Horde as quickly possible and complete the first 4 areas (through difficulty 70).
  4. Fight the Rock Golem and take the blue chest.
  5. Go through the time portal.
  6. Repeat

This strategy only yields 3-6 orbs per trip, but maximizes item farming for early play. Once level 205 can be completed in under 10 minutes, players should speed run to the second chest and second time portal (yielding ~200 orbs per run and 2 blue chests).

Increasing Speed for Low Level Locations Edit

When clearing low-level areas, your DPS should be way above the building health. Therefore, the rate of destroying buildings would be limited be the building respawn delay. However, tapping can reduce such delay to almost instant, allowing quicker progression. Using Sloth's Form have the same effect.

Crafting Edit

Main article: Forge

Must-craft items
# Item Motivation
1 War shard War Shard Greed shard Greed Shard Though, at the beginning, due to Power Cube Pieces the damage is really rocketing, the Shards become more powerful in late game with their constant x2 damage / skull's value multiplier. When the price is reasonable, i.e. the damage gain after the shard is crafted is greater than the damage loss and the recovery time of orbs is not too long, the shards should be crafted directly, otherwise only by crafting splinters.
2 Mega Cube Mega Cube Increases damage per white orb. We should balance the amount of Mega Cubes owned with pearl necklaces. Note that sensible amount of Pearl Necklaces is always limited.
3 Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklace Increases our skill duration. Does great job on active playing. The Must Have is 59 of Pearl Necklaces to have constantly active Sloth's Form. The Nice to have amount is 108 which allows us to have every skill active constantly.
4 Squid Stone Squid Stone Cooperates nicely with Pearl Necklace. Underestimated item that may massively increase skull income.
5 Chaos crest Chaos Crest Increases white orbs income. Note that due to Ectoplasm Cube among requirements and not too impressive income its not really worth to craft Chaos Gem.
6 King's Collar King's Collar It may seem that Squids Teddy bear is better in late game due to Pasta Fury skill but experience proves that the price difference makes King's Collar more efficient.
7 Death Mason Jar Death Mason Jar Slightly increases income but crafts very long in comparison with benefits.
8 Ectoplasmprism Ectoplasm Prism Allows us to to craft fortune shards and squid stone. Which both can massively increase skull income and dps. It takes 40h in Arcane Lab to craft it so we should always craft it if we don`t have anything above! Sometimes its worth to prioritize Ectoplasm Prism to get Fortune or Mayhem Shard quicker.

Productive Skill Refreshment Edit

After many resets, if the DPS is great enough, go directly to Malgar Realm or Talar Country. When it becomes difficult to continue, use the monster's active skills to maximize damage, and while the skills are on cooldown, return to the other Kingdoms to farm the lower difficulty areas for skulls. 

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