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StreamRPG is a Twitch based game where the viewer gets rewarded by watching a show. The viewer can customize an avatar and appear directly on the screen, on his favorite show and across all channels on Twitch. It's a community based game for everyone by everyone.

Features Edit

  • Watch and be part of a show on Twitch.
  • Customize your own avatar
  • Level up to access new pieces of equipment and items.
  • Shout quotes in your favorite channel.
  • Play from your mobile, or your desktop.

Upcoming Features Edit

The Berzerk Studio wants to expand the project in the near future.

Plans for the future are:

  • SteamRPG available for any broadcaster.
  • Multiplayer.
  • Channel clans.
  • Broadcaster vs viewers minigame.

Rewards for Zombidle Edit

The players of SteamRPG might be awarded with special prizes in Zombidle.

Greed shard
Greed Shard
War shard
War Shard
Special hats
StreamRPG Hat I
A fancy hat
StreamRPG Hat II
A fancy hat
StreamRPG Hat III
A fancy hat
StreamRPG Hat IV
A fancy hat
StreamRPG Hat V
A fancy hat

Note: Some hats eliminate a level when resetting to increase speed of farming

Where to Play Edit

  • PC Version: here
  • Android Version: here

Gallery Edit

See also Edit

  • StreamRPG - the official site of StreamRPG.

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