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The Thanksgiving Event is a temporary event which started on 25th November 2016 and ended on 8th December 2016. A new challenge was available in the Amero Kingdom. The player could get a Greed Shard for completing the challenge.

The Thanksginvig Event was the smallest temporary event of all time.

Thanksgiving Map Edit

The Map is based on the map of Amero Kingdom. A new challege was added.

Thanks Giving Map

Thanksgiving Challenges Edit

The level of the Challenges depends on the highest level the player has ever reached (denoted as x in following table).

Name Level Range Reward Effect
Thanksgiving Challange
Tanksgiving Challenge
X + 10 Greed shard
Greed Shard
Multiplies skull values by 2
Stacks multiplicatively

Thanksgiving Enemies Edit

Name Image Function Description
Giant Turkey Thanks Giving Giant Turkey Final Boss of the Challenges A mad giant turkey with a huge axe
Turkey Army Thanks Giving Turkey Army Part of the Challanges The player has to beat 15 waves of turkeys to get to the Giant Turkey

Trivia Edit

  • The giant Turkey is the only boss Bob was afraid of.

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