The Angel is Bob's nemesis and is located on world map.

The Angel's appearance is bright and is equipped with white armor and white spear. He has large white wings, halo and he is also blonde. He goes to Heaven gym regualrly to workout, his hair is sacred and needs to be broomed three time a day.

After being defeated, this boss will drop one Unique Chest Unique Chest. The Angel is a dynamic boss, which means that his level will increase by 250 after resetting the timeline in which he was defeated. The player has 120 seconds instead of normal 30 to defeat The Angel.

Rewards Edit

Each time The Angel is defeated, he drops one Unique Chest Unique Chest which contains Divine item or Shard. Items are found in the following order:

The items in the chest always follow the pattern: an item, Orb Splinter Orb Splinter, Orb Splinter Orb Splinter, which means you will get an item every 3rd time you defeat the Angel.

Health Edit

Levels 501-2501
Level Health
501 19.556O
751 3.638e41
1001 6.768e54
1251 1.259e68
1501 2.343e81
1751 4.358e94
2001 8.108e107
2251 1.509e121
2501 2.806e134
Levels 2751-5001
Level Health
2751 5.22e147
3001 9.714e160
3251 1.807e174
3501 3.362e187
3751 6.255e200
4001 1.164e214
4251 2.165e227


4751 7.495e253
5001 1.394e267
Levels 5251+
Level Health
5251 2.594e280
5501 4.828e293
5751 8.976e306
6001 1.672e320
6251 3.112e333
6501 5.790e346
6751 1.078e360

Quotes Edit

List of some sentences while fighting the boss:

  • I've got a meeting, so let's get this over with quickly.
  • You think you compare to me? Hah!

List of some sentences after you defeat the boss:

  • Immortality won't save you forever...
  • Don't think time portals will save you...
  • Gah! That actually hurt!
  • Arghh... You win this time...

List of sentence if you fail or surrender to fight the boss:

  • We are both immortal, but I am stronger!
  • HAH! I am invincible!
  • Your evil ends here!

Trivia Edit

  • The character and location is reference to Sky Quest.
  • Players who don't have Frantic Frigate can fight this boss in Amero Kingdom.
  • He is the first boss that is featured on the world map
  • It is possible that Angel dyes his hair blonde, because his eyebrows are black.

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