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Map time Portal
Time Portal is a feature in the game that allows player to reset their progress without losing Hell Buildings, Achievements and Items . Upon resetting player losing skulls, minions, map progress but turns broken orbs into white orbs.

Each kingdom features two time portals, some portals feature multiplier bonus for orbs. There are at least two time portals with same bonus, except for first portal player can use and the final portal that features in the game. 

After beating all locations in kingdom, player can enter the last time portal and fight the Wizard who protects a black orb , if player haven't got it before.

Ancient Portal Edit

There are also Ancient Portal that transports player to new locations, but they are only available during special events.

Halloween Portal Evolution
Halloween Event 2016
Xmas Portal Evolution
Christmas Event 2016
Anniversary Portal Evolution
Anniversary Event 2017

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