Time Portal Edit

Map time Portal
Time Portals are a magical constructions in the game which allow Bob to go back in time to repair Orb broken Broken Orbs without losing Hell Buildings, Achievements and Items. Upon resetting all Skull Skulls, Monsters and World progress is lost.

Each kingdom from 1 to 5, has two time portals, one more powerful and one weaker. Apart from the first time portal, every last portal in a kingdom has a corresponding one at the beginning of the next kingdom. Kingdom 6 and 7 only have one time portal (each), and its multiplier is better than the previous one.

After beating all locations in a kingdom, you can enter any time portal in the given world and fight the Black Wizards.

Kingdom Portal Multiplier
(Portal Level)
Level required
Map time Portal
Amero Kingdom
x1 Level 60
x2 Level 195
Map time Portal
Malgar Realm
x2 Level 240
x3 Level 525
Map time Portal
Talar Country
x3 Level 625
x4 Level 900
Map time Portal
Western Swamps
x4 Level 1100
x5 Level 1825
Map Time Portal3
Death Volcano
x5 Level 1900
x6 Level 2950
Map Time Portal6
Recon Site
x7 Level 3075
Map Time Portal7
x8 Level 4500

Items that affect portal multiplier Edit

Item Acquisition Effect
Carl's Birthday Card Carl's Birthday Card Bob's Special Day, Item Dump Increases portal levels by 1
Divine Hand Mirror Divine Hand Mirror The Angel Increases portal levels by 1
Gross Tablet Chunk Gross Tablet Chunk Maurice Increases portal levels by 1

Ancient Portal Edit

There are also Ancient Portal that transports player to new locations, but they are only available during special events.

Halloween Portal Evolution
Halloween Event 2016
Xmas Portal Evolution
Christmas Event 2016
Anniversary Portal Evolution
Anniversary Event 2017 (Part I)
Anniversary Cake Portal
Anniversary Event 2017 (Part II)
Burrito Bison Portal
Burrito Bison Event 2017, The Land of Turtles

Trivia Edit

  • First four kingdoms have pine trees next to time portals but after their start to appear in unique way.