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Ultima Potion is an arcane item. It is one of items that is related to Bob's Sleeping, other are A Bad Seed and Teeth of Doom.


Ultima Potion is a oval shaped bottle with cyan colored liquid inside it. Cork looks like Death Chalice's skulls on it.

Ultima Potion add to all DPS when Bob is sleeping. Similar items that benefit from Bob sleep are Teeth of Doom and A Bad Seed. This item is more powerful than Power Axe if Bob is in sleep state. Last tier of this item is Power Potion.

Ultima Potion is an arcane item and doesn't have any other rarity and it has no star rating.

Acquisition Edit

Ultima Potion can only be crafted in the Forge.

Crafting Recipe Edit

Recipes for Ultima Potion
Item Description 1st ingredient 2nd ingredient 3rd ingredient Time
Ultima Potion
Ultima Potion
Add 500% to all DPS when Bob sleeps Power Potion
Power Potion
Power Potion
Power Potion
Power Potion
Power Potion

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