Ultimate Badge is a unique item that multiplies the orb drops by 2.

Properties Edit

Ultimate Badge is a grey themed badge. Behind the shield with the logo of Berzerk Studio, there is a Power Axe Power Axe, Necro Sword Necro Sword and Bob's staff.

Ultimate Badge is a unique and has neither any other rarity nor star rating.

If you relog on each device after crafting Ultimate Badge, you can get the the other Badges back.

Acquisition Edit

Ultimate Badge can be obtained only by crafting using Web Badge, Steam Badge and Mobile Badge which can be collected by playing on web, steam and mobile version of the game during the Steam Release update.

Crafting Recipes Edit

Recipes for Steam Badge
Item Description Ingredients Time
Ultimate Badge
Ultimate Badge
White orb drops x2 Steam Badge
Steam Badge
Web Badge
Web Badge
Mobile Badge
Mobile Badge

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