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Bounty Update Edit

Bounties and quests!

  • Weekly rotation of special bounty items.
  • Special quests.
    • 4 slots to keep quests.

Hell Edit

Full hell update

New Hell buildings

Lots of Hell stuff upcoming:

  • Maurice - an evil diamond-eating snail that will come in Bounty Update!
    • Maurice will decrease amount of quests you need to complete for weekly bounty items.
  • Other buildings
  • More levels for Hell buildings

Nemesis Edit

  • Clerics who, when defeated, reduce health of The Angel.

Evil blueprints (near future plans)Edit

Those upcoming features mentioned by the developers that may be released very soon, but not necessarilily in the next update.

  • 5 and more star items
  • Monster prestige
  • Many new buildings in Hell
  • Nightmare mode
  • Re-forge (item split) - Reddit topic
  • Multiple world farming (Kojak's stream)

World annihilation plans (long term plans) Edit

  • Multiplayer
  • Skill tree
  • Items 2.0
  • Forge Cookbook (list of known item recipes, due to low priority it may not be released)
  • Forge History (list of few last crafted items, due to low priority it may not be released)
  • More personality for each monster
  • More collaboration with other game development studios like Day off at Burrito's and The Land Of Turtles

Villagers wishlist (player requests)Edit

List based on Reddit & streams.

  • Forge
    • Fit all 5 forge slots on-screen - no scrolling needed
  • UI
    • Fix timer to display whichever item is the closest to being done (item/building)
    • Button to Forge always visible (like Hell button)
    • Button to World Map (ship) in main menu (always visible) - Keyboard shortcuts / ring shortcuts - Reddit topic
  • Other
    • Recipes for unique items, so that we could get rid of too many items in the forge list (Magic Dagger, Power Necklace, Category:Event Items and other)
    • [Known issue] Fix game downloading from scratch every time page is entered (PC).
    • Keyboard shortcuts / ring shortcuts - Reddit topic
    • List of submitted suggestions via google form - Reddit topic

      "Right now the best spot to give suggestions is this link. You don't need a reddit account as there is a link to a google submission form - that makes it easier for us to track it, since it will get lost in Discord almost immediately." - Larklen

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