Evil blueprints (near future plans)Edit

Bobblueprint ZeroStas

Those upcoming features mentioned by the developers that may be released very soon, but not necessarilily in the next update.

  • 5 star items
  • Monster prestige
  • [1 already added] Many new buildings in Hell
  • Re-forge (item split) - Reddit topic
  • Multiple world farming (Kojak's stream)

World annihilation plans (long term plans) Edit

  • Multiplayer
  • Forge Cookbook (list of known item recipes, due to low priority it may not be released)
  • Forge History (list of few last crafted items, due to low priority it may not be released)
  • More personality for each monster
  • More collaboration with other game development studios like Day off at Burrito's

Villagers wishlist (player requests)Edit

List based on Reddit & streams.

  • Forge
    • [Done] Item sorting
    • [Done] Remove double collect action
    • Fix scrollbar selecting an item when released
    • [Done] Collect all button
    • Fit all 5 forge slots on-screen - no scrolling needed
  • UI
    • Fix timer to display whichever item is the closest to being done (item/building)
    • [Done] Real time item update under items tab (ghost count)
    • [Done (it remembers your last setting)] Item tab - icon view as default
    • Button to Forge always visible (like Hell button)
    • Button to World Map (ship) in main menu (always visible) - Keyboard shortcuts / ring shortcuts - Reddit topic
  • Other
    • Recipes for unique items, so that we could get rid of too many items in the forge list (Magic Dagger, Power Necklace, Category:Event Items and other)
    • [Known issue] Fix game downloading from scratch every time page is entered (PC).
    • Keyboard shortcuts / ring shortcuts - Reddit topic
    • List of submitted suggestions via google form - Reddit topic
      Larklen: "right now the best spot to give suggestions is the link below (edit: reddit topic), you don't need a reddit account as there is a link to a google submission form - that makes it easier for us to track it, since it will get lost in Discord almost immediately."


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