Since I started playing Zombidle, I've always though time warping wasn't that great because I would have lost all my progess just to reapair my broken orbs. Looking around the wiki I discovered that time warping is almost an essential mechanic of the game.

Still, I refused to time warp. I was still convinced that time warping wasn't covenient. To clear my doubts I've asked KojakTSL in one of his streams if finishing the game without time warps is even possible. He said that it would take an incredible amount of time, so much time it wouldn't be possible.

And then, completing the game without time warping became a challenge against myself. How long could I go on without time warping? That's what I was trying to find out.

I wanted to finish the game with no time warps at all. And while that is possible (in theory) I soon came to realize that is not possible to complete the game 100% without time warps, due to those damn Wizards holding the black orbs and forcing you to time warp.

And so I changed my own personal challenge to "Finish the game without time warping" to "Finish the game 100% with the lowest number of time warps possible".

As of now, the lowers amount of time warps possible is 7 (each to get one of the Black Orbs) or 500 to also get all the achievements since 500 time warps are required to get the last "Time Warp Ride" achievement.

I'm aiming to do only 7 time warps though.

This challenge was started around when I started playing Zombidle, which happened around the beginning of the "Day Off At Burrito's" event, so we can say the challenge started around May 2017

Current Goals

- Raise the DPS in order to defeat the fifth King, then reset.

Achievements so far

- Defeated Amero Kingdom's King with 0 time warps.


- Got the 1984 Spectral Vacuum.

- First reset done. First world's wizard defeated.


- Defeated the Malgar Realm's King.


- Second reset done. Second world's Wizard defeated.


- Upgraded Chaos Resort to Level 3.

- Got the Blue Spectre's Paranormal Stick. Ghost's drop rate dramatically increased now, which means crafing Mayem/Fortune shards is way faster.

- Defeated the Talar Country's King.


- So the event "The land of turtles" ended and my remaining cash was turned into fast time travels. I got 25 millions of Orbs from that ^_^

- Third reset done. Third world's Wizard defeated.


- Defeated the Western Swamps' King.


- Fourth reset done. Fourth world's Wizard defeated.


- Defeated the Death Volcano's King.


- Shapes and beats event ended: I got aorund 1B orb from that (effectvely doubling my orbs)

- Fifth reset done. Fifth world's Wizard defeated.


Note to self:

- Tomb King's level before last warp: 4610

- Carl's level before last warp: 72

- DPS before last warp: 3.4e172