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Villagers in their natural habitat

Villager is a characters that can be killed by Bob The Necromancer for extra skulls.


Every kingdom have their own race of villagers, but they all seem to run around a map like running targets on fire. Last house with difficulty 10 shall always release few villagers. 


Only Bob can kill villagers, after their death villager may drop skulls or diamond . 1 out 10 villager may release a ghost.


Following items are related to villagers:

Villager FarmingEdit

Player may require lot of ghosts for forge or skull/diamond farming. In order to farm villager you need in short time reach to difficulty 10 buidling each time, you can:

  • Instant-kill building with Sloth form.
  • Devil Deal -5 difficulty scroll or Diamond Deal.
  • Get King's Crown and Sextant.


  • Villagers is designed for active players, they bring no purpose for idle players.

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