Villagers in their natural habitat

Villagers are characters that can be killed by Bob The Necromancer for extra Skulls.


Every kingdom has their own race of villagers, but they all seem to run around the map like running targets on fire. The last house with a difficulty of 10 shall always release a few villagers. 


Only Bob can kill villagers; after their death villagers may drop Skulls or Diamonds. There is a max of 12 diamonds, every 4 hours the timer will be reset.

1 out of 10 villagers may release a ghost. The chance of releasing a ghost can be increased with the Blue Spectre's Paranormal Stick.


The following items are related to villagers:

Villager FarmingEdit

The player may require a lot of ghosts for the Forge or want to farm Skulls/Diamonds. In order to farm villagers you need to reach difficulty 10 of buildings quickly. You can:

  • Instant-kill building with Sloth form.
  • Devil Deal -5 difficulty scroll or Diamond Deal.
  • Get King's Crown and Sextant.


  • Villagers are designed for active players; they have no purpose for idle players.